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 He remembered the planning of the name for their first child. Tori holding her baby name book over her huge belly, and trailing her fingers down the lists. He remembered that Tori cooed over the name Hannah leigh, and Nathaniel Dane; On the off chance that she was a he. Although a second child wasn't expected, she also like the name Elizabeth Guinn, For their second child to be born in the future. Matthew thought it funny that their second child was not born in the future, but unexpectedly the day of. Since Hannah was chosen first and born three minutes before Elizabeth. That is how their names came about.

  He peered into their warm little cribs. Elizabeth was topped with blond locks and so small she could fit into doll clothes, while Hannah was covered with little black curls and a little more plump. He thought at how different they were, but they shared a nose and cheeks. He knew his girls were special. Matthew couldn't wait to watch their personalities bloom. He wondered if they would be anything alike, or completely different. He tickled Hannah's toes, and her giggle woke up her sleeping twin. Elizabeth wiggled her fingers to her sister, and giggled along side her.


Dear diary,

They are calling my tom, Voldemort now... I always loved his name. He wont tell me what is going on but he says that things are going to change. He keeps going on about the real order of things, and a revolution.

 While I'm in the shadows, that he is pushing me in; I wait. I bet no one even knows that we are together. But I don't care. He is mine, and we will soon be together. Once he has finished his work.

Emily Remota

The End

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