Hannah is the first child born to a normal wizard family. She is a very creative and silly little girl and her experience at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry is new to her.
Follow this eleven year old girl into the magical world, and build a relationship with her, because she is not just a character she is my sister.

Dear diary,

I have waited six days to hear from Riddle again. For some reason he has not contacted me, I am wondering what I did wrong this time. I am confused as to why he always does this to me; leave to fix every little problem. His obsession with controlling things worries me, but I love him.

Most of the vile students attending that excuse for a school laugh at his ways, and his brilliant mind.

I dream every other night of his beautiful locks falling in his face, and him sweeping me off my feet. I will be with him. He may want to "Protect" me from himself, but I will not let him go.

He can not just push his feelings away. I will give him an ultimatum, either me, or the world. I am hoping he chooses me...

I will die without him. I am sure that once he knows this, he will come running to me and we will start our lives in a small cottage in the country.

I will be with tom, or I will die trying.

Emily Remota

The End

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