Chapter 1: Get Back

The Speedwagon Foundation had locked away Kars' invention, the Stone Masks, forever. But somehow a Stone Mask and Dio's corpse were stolen right from under the advanced security's nose! The individual behind this is also supposedly killing off stand users to bring them back from the dead to start their very own District Project! (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure X Kongou Banchou Fanfic)

Note: This story is largely written in the assumption that the reader knows a decent amount about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, spoilers may follow. Major Kongou Banchou spoilers follow as well.

Disclaimer: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is owned by Hirohiko Araki and LUCKYLAND COMMUNICATIONS, and Kongou Banchou is owned by Nakaba Suzuki, I claim no ownership and do not profit from this work.

This fanfic was beta'd by: TheChronoDragon

Chapter I: Get Back

The building looked rather unremarkable, with the background of the blisteringly sunny day, which bleached the area of all color. Out of nowhere, a roaring truck appeared against the horizon of the whitened asphalt, and stopped abruptly in front of the featureless building, and a sweaty man emerged from inside of the truck, which beared a logo that said, "SPEEDWAGON FOUNDATION". The man, presumably an employee at this "Speedwagon Foundation", sported a bag that carried many documents, but one, in particular, was most important as of present, as it was going to the man that resided in the office building that the Employee was now standing before. The man that was housed inside of the building had demanded to see the document, as it detailed the famous holiday and its' namesake, "Kongou Banchou Day".

Kongou Banchou Day, which the document detailed, was a holiday celebrating an event that occurred around 5 years prior, a catastrophe that shook the entire world. Kongou Banchou, a superhuman-like being, took part in the "23 District Project", which was a project in which 23 different "banchous", being humans with superhuman or supernatural abilities, had control over the 23 districts of Tokyo, fighting for the right to control all of Japan and shape it to their liking. Akira Kongou, who wished to take down the project, inadvertently became a contender when he took down one of these "banchou" and he was known from then on as "Kongou Banchou". Kongou Banchou, with the help of his banchou friends, defeated all 23 banchous and then faced his brother, Takeshi Kongou, now calling himself "Nippon Banchou".

A knock echoed through the workplace of the Marine Biologist. The man who had knocked peered through the window on the door, looking worried.

The Biologist glanced up from the book he had been reading, and motioned for the man to come in. The man slowly opened the door, closed it carefully behind him, and treaded towards the Biologist.

He walked slowly, careful not to knock over the stacks upon stacks of books, documents, and the occasional Shounen Jump. To the man's surprise, almost all of the books were about a particular subject, Dolphins. Shrugging off the many dolphin-related books, the man approached the Biologist who was staring at him with kind, yet stern eyes.

You The Marine Biologist that was sitting behind the desk looked to be a herculean ox, complete with mile-wide shoulders and bulging muscles. He wore a white Sea Captain hat torn in the back, so that his hair pushed through. The coat he wore almost reached the floor, and had a chain on one side of its' collar, hanging down, for reasons unknown. The Employee, frankly, believed this man to be quite frightening, and carefully inched up to him so as to not anger the beast that sat before him.

"Yes, what do you need?" The Biologist said calmly.

"I was looking for a Mr. Jotaro Kujo, would you happen to be him...?" The man hurriedly exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's me. I take it you're from the Speedwagon Foundation?

"Yes that's right. I'm here to give you the report you wanted, Mr. Kujo." Saying this, he reached into the bag he was carrying and produced a folder with many documents in it. He presented it to Jotaro, who took it and promptly opened it and started looking it over.

"...It was revealed that the Kongous were not actually human, but a perfectly evolved race separate from humans. And thus, Kongou Banchou and Takeshi Kongou met each other with tremendous size and strength, rending the earth, and causing earthquakes and fissures. This catastrophic event would have ended the world had Takeshi Kongou and Kongou Banchou not gone into the fissure to assure the Earth's survival. 5 years after the event, however, Kongou Banchou came back mysteriously. Further research is being conducting in an effort to find out more about this "Kongou" race." Jotaro read aloud, making sure to pronounce each syllable as if to etch it to memory.

The Employee shrugged and said, "Sounds fishy to me. How could someone come back after that?"

Jotaro closed his eyes thoughtfully and seemed to be scanning over his thoughts line by line. He finally came to a conclusion, and spoke in a bitter-edged tone. "A superhuman, eh? Could it be like Dio?"

Before Jotaro could finish sorting his theory on whether these "Kongous" were in fact similar to Dio, the telephone that had been stacked onto numerous books occupying the desk, let out a deafening ringing, begging to be picked up by the Marine Biologist himself. Jotaro grasped the phone and carefully held it up beside his head.

"Kujo speaking." He said casually, but his stern voice and way of speaking could make even the hardiest of men shudder a little.

"Mr. Kujo, we have news regarding your bloodline. It seems a Stone Mask as well as documents detailing it have vanished from the confines of the headquarters in Moscow." The voice on the phone said.

"A Stone Mask, huh? Was anything else taken?" Jotaro inquired calmly.

"...Yes. Dio's corpse." The voice hesitated.

Jotaro suddenly widened his eyes. He knew exactly what could happen if the same individual acquired these two things.

"But wait, you said the mask was stolen in Moscow? Wasn't Dio's corpse destroyed with the rising of the Sahara Desert sun?"

"We had to confine the corpse, Mr. Kujo. We had to keep it from anyone no matter what. The winds could have covered his corpse, so we soon realized this and retrieved it. But that's the thing, Mr. Kujo. It doesn't make sense that one person could steal both of these things in the time frame they were stolen."

"I see. I'll have to look into this. We've got to investigate this individual, and how they could have possibly stolen something from a heavily guarded headquarters." Jotaro decidedly proclaimed.

With that, the conversation was cut off, and the phone returned to its quiet resting place atop the books of sea life and tides.

The Employee had been quietly standing there, waiting for Jotaro to dismiss him, as it would be rude to simply walk out during his call. He spoke up just when Jotaro placed the phone back onto its body.

"Mr. Kujo, I've really got to be going, other duties demand my attention and I can't ignore them or I'll lose my job!" He exclaimed nervously.

"Yes, you can go. I'll keep the report a while longer so I'll call when you can pick it up."

The Employee nearly fell over himself in an attempt to escape the office of Jotaro Kujo, and promptly shut the door a bit loudly, disturbing the odd secretary from her deep slumber. Jotaro sighed, but something ate at him from the back of his brain. Could this be a third rising of Dio? Does the person who stole the mask intend to use it to become a vampire? These questions nagged at Jotaro endlessly, and he couldn't concentrate on his work.

The End

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