What Happens In The Warehouse


I creep around the corner, then climb the stairs to the old, abandoned warehouse. I climb through the shattered window and leap over the flea-embested sofa, hanging in the air for a moment or two. I get to the big winding staircase, and focus. Suddenly I'm sprinting up the stair, gliding past any doors I come across. I stop and wander casually into a room. My room. Yes, I live here. Tell anyone and I will  kill you. And, trust me, I can.

Anyway, I go over to my mattress and dust off the dust that had gathered. Sitting down, I pick up my loot for the day. A few gold coins and a £5 note. Relief rushed threw me - I had enough for a few more days of food. The wallet was nice aswell; black, leather and big. The only reason someone knew it wasn't mine was because of the picture inside. It was a family, a mum, a dad and two kids. Oh, how I wish I had a family. That wasn't mine you see: the family or the wallet. No, I stole it. It's the only way I'm still alive.

I pick up my book: The Legendary Animal Spirits, and lay down to read. I carry on reading about my speices until about... 12:30am, when I drop off to sleep.


I wake up to find my b0ok underneath me, whilst I'm on the floor, having rolled off my mattress. I get up, look in my cracked mirror and redo my hair and makeup.

Now I'm off for another day of pickpocketing. Hopefully, this time, something really exiting can happen.

The End

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