I'm going to run from my hiding space, beneath a crate once used for carrying goods. I'm running from my master. He goes by the name of Mister Yotomoshi. This isn't his real name of course. Anyway, Mister Yotomoshi is a very violent man, who beats me until I give in and perform in his circus. I am special. I had lived a full life until the age of about six, but then I was kidnapped by circus freaks who had previously seen my strange figure. Now, I am 14, I have endured hell. I escaped through my cage after several years of wearing down the bars, and now I am hiding from Mister Yotomoshi and his gang of circus freaks. My life is surely in danger. I am alone, and terrified. I can see another crate, closer to a large gathering of people. If I can get into the gathering, I'm safe. I'm crawling on my hands and knees, trying desperately not to be seen. I can see Mister Yotomoshi. His fat, round body is a matter of metres away. I can feel my spine tingling, and now a shiver. A plank of wood creaked as I leant upon it. I launched myself back to my starting position in fear of being caught out. I'm still shivering, not only because of the sight of Mister Yotomoshi, but also because of the crisp sea air breazing through my long black hair. It is giving me goose bumps all over. I'm praying not to be seen. I don't want to go back to the circus.

The End

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