After 2 hour we were out of the city and we headed to mountains. Now the roads were rough and bumpy (also narrow), as I looked outside the window and saw huge mountains. I was staring at the huge mountain, there were only big boulders on the mountains to be seen but later my eyes caught a view of two animals on the top of the mountain howling. I stared at the animals and smiled, they were kind of cat but a huge and scary one. I wanted to catch it and keep it with me and use it to scare my friends and for a lot of things. But I noticed a sign board which said “No Hunting” so I didn’t wanted to be in trouble after catching the wild animals; I was a fool , how can I catch the wild animals while being in the car and the most important, how would I catch it. And I know if I had requested my mom to allow me at that time she would had showed me her eyes.


As the hours crawled on and road began to narrow even more. I again and again asked my mom “Are you almost there?” She shook her head and again stared at me!! I don’t know why mom always got to stare at me. And to tell you the truth I never know what my mom is up to and I think the same happens to you.


Sara was just staring at the view outside her window and was almost lost in her thoughts. My mom was also busy with the magnificent of the hills and the mountains. Everything was amazing and wonderful to be look at. I thought of gazing at the magnificent scenery instead of looking inside the car.


I began to pay attention to the beautiful scenery outside and was amazed; in the distance were beautiful mountain with snowcapped peaks. It was all incredible; I took out my head of the car in enthusiasm to see everything. Unfortunately this prompted my mom to forbid me not to take my head out of the window, it can cause an accident. I disappointedly fetched my head but my eyes again caught a view wonderful view. In the distant, was a splendid waterfall!! ‘Look at that! Look’ I shouted and raised my finger toward the waterfall.


Sara and mom starred at the splendid and the amazing waterfall for a long and then mumbled ‘It’s incredible.’ We were so busy starring the waterfall that we didn’t notice it passing just by us and it was left behind. I continued to stare for a long, in wonder.


Soon night fell and I began to feel sleepy but I struggled to stay awake so that I don’t miss the wonderful upcoming scenery.


The road leveled off and finally we reached Narran. ‘We are almost there, Qasim!’ said mom. I smiled but I began anxious, I sensed of something bad and dreadful to happen next.


After an hour, without any hint, Kohistan House came into view, all dark.


As I gazed at the dark and the mysterious house, I began more and more anxious and I sensed more and more of trouble to come.


The End

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