(3): Getting Ready for the trip

After the breakfast, I laid still on my bed with nothing to do just thinking about Kohistan House. I closed my eyes and thought the view of the Kohistan House and its surrounding. I was lost in my thoughts when my mom knocked at the door of my room and I got up from my bed and said”Jee Ami.”


 My mom came to me and said “Beta! Do you know when we are going to visit Kohistan House?”


I nodded with excitement.


My mom came near me and bent down, she whispered “Tomorrow!” She gave me a huge grin and went away. I was standing still with excitement.


Later, I went to my mom and asked “Ami! Can I pack my bag?” She was busy in making nan for my father who just arrived from the office. She said “Yes!” As she said it I ran to my room and started to pack for the trip.


My sister gave me a idea to take my PSP with me to make me busy in the way but my mom said that I would not need the PSP in our way as I would get a splendid view to keep myself busy and I would not get bored. I agreed with my mom and didn’t pack the PSP; I packed hot clothes and some things that would be used in the cold. My mom said that it would be really cold in the valleys and she helped me and Sara; my sister in packing hot clothes and other things.


I packed every thing that I would need in that trip. I now waited impatiently for us to leave for Kohistan House. My dad was not coming with us as he had some important work to do.


At evening I went outside to play with friends. I had promised them to play with them before going to my trip as they were also going to other places for their Vacation. I, Faraz, Yousuf, Ahmed, Taha and other enjoyed playing cricket. The match was tough as our team gave the opponent team a tough match. Our score was 120 runs in 7 outs only and there were 7 overs only and if we would get more overs so I think we would made our score to 300 runs. The opponent team was unsuccessful to make the target and we won the match. We all celebrated our success.


I went very late at home and my mom scolded me for being late. I didn’t felt bad as she was my mom. She demanded me to sleep early as we would be going very early in the morning. I leapt to my bed and went to sleep.

The End

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