(2): Uncle Invited us to Kohistan House!

At night, I didn't have my dinner and I even didn't bother to have it. Everything in my mind was going wrong as I was only able to think about Kohistan House!! The word popped again and again in my mind when I thought to do something else to keep me busy but I was unable to.

At the bed time, I didn’t feel to sleep because of the excitement. I was even unable to close my eyes to sleep as the word “Kohistan House” popped again and again in my mind. I was really curious to go and visit one of the places of my favorite book “The Mystery of the Aagnee Ruby.” I thought of many ideas to get rid of the word for a while, I thought of many ideas, I know you are thinking I should try books but I didn’t had any book except The Mystery of the Aagnee Ruby, which would make the word popped again and again. After 2 hours the “diary” came into my mind which was a right idea to get rid of the excitement and the word for a while. I took out my diary and turn to a page and started to write about the excitement, I got the habit of writing diary when our English teacher told about her habit of writing diary.

While I was writing the diary, a word popped into my might and that was “Why?” I stop to write the diary and starting to think why are we going to Kohistan House? My mom would to take us there just for the vacation, so what was the reason. I was going crazy with this all so I decided to cover myself with the blanket and have a nice nap, and this worked!

“Qasim, Get up!” I slightly opened my eyes and saw my sister barking like a dog at me, she always was the last one to get up but this time I was. Might be because of this she was barking at me like I usually do. I got up and groan at my sister and rushed to the bathroom to get fresh.

I rushed out of the bathroom and headed to hall where everyone was already ready for the breakfast except dad as he has left for the office early in the morning. I greeted my mom and sister who were only the one on the dinning table, my mom gave me a smile and I gave her a smile too. The dragged a chair of the dinning table, which made a unpleasant sound. I sat on the chair and grab a fork and as spoon, and started to have my breakfast. As I start to eat my breakfast, I thought to ask my mother about the visit to the Kohistan House.

“Well!” Everyone looked at my face as I spoke.

I smiled at them and contended “Mom, why are we visiting Kohistan House.”

There was a silent in the room for a long moment then my mom suddenly said” Well! Beta we are going there as your uncle invited us.” I was surprised hearing this news as my uncle was not living in Kohistan House and my mom noticed my confusion so she said “Your uncle moved there a week ago and he invited us to visit it.”

The End

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