Kohistan House(1)

Something is going wrong!!

I slammed my room door open and rolled myself onto my bed. I was really angry at my mom as she didn't prepare my favorite meal. I was really angry and wanted to calm myself down, so I closed my eyes for a while then thought of reading my favorite book "The Mystery Of The Aagnee Ruby" to make myself relaxed and busy too.

I was lost in my book, I really enjoyed reading mystery books and this one was one of my favorite. I was so lost in my book that i didn't wanted to be disturbed but my mom did. She came inside and sat beside me, I was really off that time so I immediately got up from there and sat on my chair to read but I didn't now want to read as I was disturbed so I just pretended to just read."Qasim!" my mom said while getting up from the bed. She sat near me and snatched the book in such a polite way that I didn't feel her snatching. My mom turned to me and she said quietly in a polite way “Beta! Why don't you understand that I was preparing your favorite meal but I go some important work?" I immediately said" Mom! Please leave me alone, I don't want to listen to anyone." But I really wanted to know what the important work was.”Ok! Beta, I'm going then don't sit and cry’s he said while getting up, I felt a excitement in her voice so I asked” Why?" She turned to me and give me a secret smile and went away without answering me.

I got annoyed when my mom ignored me and didn't answered me, I turned red in anger but I was also curious about mom's secret smile which she gave me...I really wanted to know about the smile she gave me so I headed to mom who was busy with her television show. She was lost in her favorite show. I sat near mom but she didn't took any notice, I took a breath and said " Mom! What you wanted to say to me." I waited for a long for her answer but no reply came. I got irritate so I got up and rushed to the television and switch it off: you know I don't know what I do when I got angry. My mom got really angry and she glared at me which told me to switch on the television, I immediately switch one it and walked briskly to mom who already was lost in her show again. I requested her to tell me what that secret smile was. This time she replied "Kohistan House, we are going to Kohistan House for our vacation, for that I went to book tickets for us." she said this all in one breath but I understood everything. But I though what I heard was true or not? to make me sure I pinched my hand "Ouch" I felt the pinching that’s mean I am not dreaming. I didn't had any words to say so I rushed to my room and I was really excited..

The End

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