Hayate Chouko Desu!

(I am Chouko Hayate)

'Geez! Your such a sleepy-head, Chouko! COME ON!' My friend, Hana(Hanaka Negine) groaned as she dragged me down the road to school.

'You didn't have to wait for me, you know!' I retorted.

'Yeah, but if I didn't, you'd be l-a-t-e!'She yelled, we were gathering speed as we sprinted down the hill which led to the school.

'Dammit!' I squealed, halting. Hana-chan fell back nearly tripping up.

'What is it?!'

'I forgot my bow!' I wailed, clutching my shirt. Why were there so many peices to our uniform?

'Your kidding? Just get one from lost propety when we get to school!'She snarled, grabbing my wrist and dragging me once more.

I grumbled but got pulled a;ong willingly.

'If we get a detention so I miss the new anime that I was going to watch I'm going to wring you neck, Chouko!'She mumbled as we tiptoed down the corridoor.

I opened the sliding door carefully. Sensei's head snapped to the right and she gave us both a death glare.

'Sit.'Sensei said in a deathly whisper.

We both made our way silently to our desks.


'It was Chouko.'  'It was  Hana-chan.' We both exclaimed at the same time. I poked her. She stuck her tounge out at me.

'Dentention at half three. Be there.' Sensei grinned wickedly.

'aw'h!'I moaned. I looked at Hana-chan and she made a sign with her hands of her strangling me. I gulped. That was not going to be fun.

We only had to be in homeroom for a good five minutes so when it was over, we ran out of the classroom joyfully.

'Nee! Nee! Hana-chan!'


'I saw a add in Miyako-chan's magazine, it was a Vocaloid competition!'I squealed, 'if you win you get to meet the vocaloids! I mean, I bet you get to meet the artist's that sample their voices for it! We should enter! You just have o make your own vocaloid!'

'Really? Really really?' Hana-chan asked, perking up almost instantly.


'Well then, I guess I can put up with being your friend for a little while longer. . .'She smirked.

I laughed, 'what, were friends?'

'Nope. I just hang out with you because you have a good telly and we can watch all the anime we want.'She snickered. I poked her again and giggled.

'I'll go over tonight 'cause your papa has that designing package so we can ake some awesome vocaloids!'

'Yup! We better win!'

Yeah, me and Hana-chan. Were alright .

The End

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