Two girls enter a competition to design a Vocaloid version of themselves, and the prize is a chance to 'meet the Vocaloids'. The girls presume this means the singers whose voices are sampled for the Vocaloids, but they'e wrong. Very wrong.

Name: Hanaka, Negine. (F)
Age: 15
Personality: Quiet, observing, loud when confused or shocked, sort of easily irritated.
Appearance: Brown eyes, red hair, pale skin.
Music Style: J-pop ; dark, creepy/lighthearted, trippy.
Author: SapphireSoul

Name: Chouko, Hayate.(F) 

Age: 15 
Personality: Friendly, sarcastic, laughs alot, short temper, subborn but kind. 
Appearence: turquoise eyes, blacky-purple hair, peachy skin.
Music Style: Upbeat, rock, techno. 
Author: IchigoRingo-Chan

Ichigo, can you write first? 

The End

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