Kodi Ann

About a girl who was orphaned along with her twin brother and older sister, who is faced with bullying.

     As Terra brushed my long, dirty blonde hair beside the bleach-filled sink, Seth opened my well-used bottle of black nailpolish.

     "Are you sure you want to do this, Kodi?" Terra asked, with my hair in her hands. "Your hair'll never be the same after this."

     "Just do it."

     I felt my hair slosh into the cold bleach and I relaxed. 

     Two hours later, I got out of the shower, the extra bleach and dye washed out of my hair. It had felt like I was scrubbing a little of my old life away.  When I looked in the mirror, I froze. My hair was bleached blonde, black streaks framing my pale face. I ran my fingers through my wet, tangled hair. I quickly wrapped a towel around my chest and ran the brush through my hair, smoothing it out.

     There was a knock on the door and I jumped, considering I hadn't been expecting it.

     "Hey! Are you alive in there!?"

     "Just a damn minute! God, you people are vultures!" I sprinted to the door of our immense bathroom and opened the door. Who I saw at the bathroom door wasn't who I thought it would be.

     "Boone? What are you doing here?"

     Then, as if she had called them, her other friends, Damen and Kendrikk, strolled around the corner.

     "Oh... My gosh! What did you do to your hair!?" Kendrikk was gay, but he was also proud of it.  All three boys rotated around me, touching my head, admiring my hair. It would be uncomfortable for any other girl, but I was always surrounded by guys, so it didn't faze me a bit.

     "Are you guys retarded?" I asked sarcastically. I already knew they were, but I asked them about it alot. :P

     "You're obviously ready for school tomorrow?" Damen asked, ignoring the question.

     "Well, you don't think I did this for Halloween, did you?" I joked, laughing.

     "Get dressed, we're here to pick you up for the mall. Get dressed, get dressed, get dressed!"

     I rolled my eyes and closed the bathroom door. Taking off my towel, I put on the dress I had picked out that morning. It was black, with white ruffles down the front and light pink bows. It was the kind of emo/punk look I always went for. It had always been that way. Ever since the accident in grade 1, I have always dressed this way. I don't care what other people think about me, even if they think I slit my wrists. But either way, I was headed for the mall!

The End

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