Chapter 6: By Thy Oath

Chapter 6: By Thy Oath

“No, that's impossible!” Triston shouted.

“No.... no.. no... Mama... Papa... don't leave us.” Reyna wept.

But neither of them were able to control their emotions, tears flooded their eyes and started falling endlessly. They cried and screamed out loud, until their voice became horse.

“Ha ha ha! Looks like you bra...”

“SHUT UP.” Felix threatened.

“What are you going to do, fight me? Look at you, and look at me, with this new blade the clergy has bestowed upon me. I can even kill spirits. How about this, I'll spare the children, if you take them and leave the kingdom. Then I can just finish off these dirty spirits.”


“For old times, I mean you were a renowned hero in our kingdom. You served the King dutifully in the past because of that I’m letting you go. Now move, so I can finish off that spirit.”

“Sorry, I can't do that either.”

“Why not, don't tell me you've become a spirit lover or something?”

“Tizurl is my partner and friend.”

“Tizurl, you named it? A friend to a spirit, ha!?”

“Wait a minute... do you say... partner... wait... does that mean you made...?”

“It seems you finally realized, boy. The spirits in our kingdom have long since left. The only spirits here are the SRG, so why do you think this spirit hasn't killed those children?”

“It can't be... It isn't true, your bluffing, Old man. They are a legend, a myth... you can't be a...”

Felix raised his hand and held it across his heart, a marking or tattoo of some sort, appeared around his heart, and started glowing green, brightly through his clothing.

“By Thy Oath of Concordia, lend me your strength! KoC Seal, open! Tizurl, Primus Fusion!”

The End

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