Chapter 5: Protecting What's Important III

The spirit pounced on the next Knight biting and chewing it's head off. The others struck with fear, ran back to gate.

“You fools! Don't run, kill it!

“Impossible.” they shouted.

The Knights attempted to open the gate by chanting the spell.


But before they could, the Captain raised his golden blade and swung it in the air. A golden light was unleashed and launched at the Knights. The horizontal wave sliced through all of them, cutting them in two, in a instant. Their bodies dropped to the ground, the blade cut through them with ease, a single clean cut, there bodies piled on the floor like dead animal meat. Blood covered the ground seeping into the cracks of the cold stone.

“Useless, next it's your turn spirit then I'll finish those kids.”

The spirit growled at the Captain, turning it's back to Triston and Reyna, as if to protect them.

“So, this is what you've become...”

The Captain turned around, there walking towards him was Felix.

“Ha! Felix, Felix the great former Knight and Commander of Spiritus, you were known as the Hammer of Justice, back then. Now look at you, ha! Living in the Slums like a dog.”

“At least I still have my honor. Look at yourself killing your own men and attacking children. You have really sunken, you are a shame to the Knights, boy.”

“Don't boy, me. I'm no longer a page, like before. I am a Captain of Spiritus. Watch your tongue, or I'll slice it off. Now, it's time for me to deal with that spirit and those kids.”

Felix stepped in between them.

“Move or die.”

“Unfortunately, I promised Gwen, Austin, Evelyn, and Sven that I would look after their kids... from now on.”

“From now on? What do you mean, Old man!” Triston shouted.

“Where's Mama and Papa!?” said Reyna.

Felix looked back at them.

“I'm sorry.... your parents.... they are all dead.”

The End

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