Chapter 4: Protecting What's Important II

Chapter 4: Protecting What's Important II

Triston and Reyna sprinted out of the church doors, and headed down towards the Sector Gate. Explosions erupted in the sky like fireworks, screams and shouts filled the musky, damp air. While the smell of blooded crept into their nose the closer they got. The spirits trapped inside attempted to escape from the sky, gates and walls but were shot down by the barrier and seals, as soon as they touched them, their bodies enveloped into flames, dropping to the ground like rainfall. The two continued on sprinting down streets and alleyways, not stopping for anything or anyone.

“Rey, there's the gate.” Triston shouted.

They arrived at the gate but it was surrounded and heavily guarded by the Knights of Spiritus. Not yet spotting the two, Triston and Reyna took that chance to sprint towards the gate. But a Knight spots them, grabbing them both, and pinning them down on the ground.

“What are you brats doing? Go back to the Church!”

Reyna using her free hand took her wooden sword from her side, and swung her sword backwards, stabbing the Knight, straight through his eye.


“You bastards! We know what your up to. Your going to sacrifice Mama, Papa... everyone!”

“You call yourselves Knights of Spiritus, your suppose to protect the people. Yet you use them as decoys. I can't believe we wanted to become Knights, like you. Let us through.” Triston yelled.

He raised his sword, pointing it straight at the Knights, and stood side by side with Reyna.

“Or we'll break through, ourselves!”

“You dirty Slum brats! What are you going to do with those toy swords? Even if you somehow manage to get pass us, how are you going to get through the barrier. Huh? How are you going to save your parents in the middle of this bloody battlefield, filled with those vile human hating spirits!” the Captain shouted back. “Men, Kill them.”

“But, they're just children, Captain.”

“They know too much. No one is going to miss a bunch of slum brats, especially since they'll be orphaned anyways. Go! Now.”

The Knights surrounded the two, instantly and slowly started to close in on them, unsheathing their blades, they simultaneously struck down on them.

When suddenly they realized they didn't make contact, but hit a hard green shell, their swords bounced back. The Knights shocked by the sudden appearance of this object were frozen stiff. One of the Knights bended down, knee to the ground, trying to take a closer look at it.

“What the hell....”

In one fell swoop the Knight's head dropped to the ground. His lifeless body, limped backwards then crashed to the ground like a rock. Blood gushed all over the Knights, the children huddled together under the object staying perfectly still, as to not draw attention, they held their breathes but their bodies shock uncontrollably with fear.


The End

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