Chapter 3: Protecting What's Important I

CHAPTER 3: Protecting What's Important I

“Calm down, Rey. I'm sure they're fine.”

“Triston, Reyna!!”

They turned around and there stood in the open road, their parents, heavily panting and breathing from searching for the two. Triston and Reyna, with tears in their eyes, dived straight into their mother's chest.

“Thank god, you two are safe.” said their mothers in unison.

“Let's head home, it's safe there.” Triston's father said.

“ATTENTION! All Slum citizens, gather in the church!” the announcement ended.

“The church? In the Middle Sector?"

"Let's go everyone.” said Reyna's father.

The six of them headed towards the church, passing the gates, Triston noticed the clerymen setting up a Deus Barrier at the gate and Holy Seals, marked on the walls.

"They are planning to trap the spirits in the lower level."

"But our homes, they'll be destroyed in the conflict." Reyna replied.

They headed inside, where the rest of the surviving Slum citizens have gathered. After a few minutes, a clergyman appeared from the front.

“Dear, citizens, our kingdom is endanger. We do not have enough knights or soldiers to fend off these beasts. That's why you have been chosen to aid us in this holy fight. You have been summoned here to fight by our King! May Deus guide you!”

A knight appeared from the back and walked to the front. “All capable men and women arm yourselves! And prepare yourselves for battle!”

But the citizens immediately protested. “There's no way we are strong enough to fight these spirits, even you knights are being pushed back.” said one person. “Why doesn't the King ask for the help of the spirits from our kingdom, just like before?”

“The spirits of Spiritus will no longer aid us, they have abandoned us long ago. They are no different from the SRG! We must fight for ourselves. For Kingdom, For King, For Deus!” the clergyman replied.

“Pops? Mum? Your not going, right?” Triston asked.

“Mama, Papa?” Reyna whispered, as she looked up at them, fearing they would leave their side.

“We have to go, to protect our kingdom and our family,” they replied.

“Children will stay here in the church, those vile spirits will never reach this deep into the kingdom. They have concentrated all their attacks on the south end – the Slums, and are closing in here - the Middle Sector. Listen citizens, we must push them back to the lower level. Move out!” the knight ordered.

The adults started arming themselves with weapons, after a few hours, they left and headed towards battle. While the children were left in the underground chambers of the church.

“Rey, it's going to be alright, right?” Triston asked.

“Yeah, I'm sure they'll be alright, they are our Mama and Papa. They would never leave us alone, never...” Reyna replied. “But it's been a few hours, now.”

“Bloody hell! Rey, I can't just wait here any longer. I have to know what's going on out there.”

“You right, let's go take a peek.”

Triston and Reyna sneak up the stairs and open the door, making sure the clergymen didn't spot them, they stealthy moved around the hallways, with their back to the walls, careful walking as to not make any noise. When finally they reached the alter. Where they spotted the knight that ordered their parents to fight and the clergyman who gave the speech in the center, talking. They couldn't move any further.

“So, how the plan?” the clergyman asked.

“Everything is set,” the knight replied solemnly.

“What's going on?” Triston whispered.

“Hey, Trist, somethings been bothering me?” Reyna whispered back.


“Well this is the Middle Sector, but where are all the Middle Sector children, I mean shouldn't they have been sheltered in the church as well?”

“Maybe they have a shelter in the north end of the Middle Sector, and they give us Slum citizens the closest shelter to the fighting... It sounds like something those rich bastards would do.”

“Also how come, we've only seen one knight here in the church and why is he still here, while Mum and Papa are fighting.”

“Hmmm... Shh... someone is coming.”

Another knight appeared in the church and walked towards the two. “Everything is ready, the Slum citizens have pushed all the SRG forces away from the Middle Sector, we can finally close the gate to the Middle Sector and the Slums. The Deus Barrier has been activated and Holy Seals in place around all four walls, they are trapped within, they won't even be able to fly out of the area. We can now continue with the plan of flooding the Slums with anti-spiritual acid specially made for dealing with these spirits, thanks to the clergy. We'll be able to finish off the spirits.”

“Alright, let's begin the operation,” the other knight replied.

The knights and clergyman left the church.

“TRISTON! They... they are using everyone as sacrifices, they'll all die!”

“Damn, Damn. Why!? Why are they... let's go! We have to STOP THEM!”

The End

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