Chapter 2: Tolling Bells

CHAPTER 2: Tolling Bells

"OLD MAN, FELIX!" they both screamed out.

"You little brats! I'm gonna grind your bones."

Felix grabbed Triston and Reyna from the collar, dragging them back to the market, like dirty dogs that ran away from their owner.

"Damn, it." Triston shouted.

"Let's us go, old man." shouted Reyna.

"You little brats are gonna pay for what you did to my shop."

Felix dragged them back to his shop, throwing them onto the floor, forcing them to repair all the damages they made. They spent all day fixing the windows, walls, door and crates they broke as well as helping with deliveries for Felix's shop using their Sol Gliders to deliver to the various areas in the Slum, with ease.

"Alright, you little snot faces. Your done for today." Felix said loudly.

"You bastard, have you no shame working kids to the bone..." Reyna complained.

"Have you brats got no respect for other people's property!"

"Now, now, Rey. It's our fault, we have to make up for it." Triston said with a smile.

"Idiot..." Reyna replied unable to argue with Triston's point.

After their long day of sweat and labor.  The two decided to head home and help out with their father's work. So they headed towards Reyna's house, where they bumped into both of their dads.

“Papa, we came to help.” Reyna shouted.

“Oh, really, but it's fine we don't have much work today, how about you go and play with Triston.” her father replied.

“Are you, sure? Pops.” Triston asked.

“Ya, you two kids have fun, don't come home late though.” his father replied.

“Alright!” they shouted in unison.

The two headed towards the outskirts of the Slum, a clear space with nothing but scraps of wood, garbage and dry dirt but it was the perfect place to train.

“How about we continue our match?” Triston said.

“Humph, don't complain, if I beat you again.” Reyna replied.

“Bring it on, Rey!”

The two shift into their battle stance, when suddenly a siren sounded throughout the whole kingdom. The bells of the church started echoed in the tight air.

“What's going on, Trist?”

“I don't know?” he replied.

“ATTENTION! All citizens, the kingdom is under attack by the SRG. All Knights head towards the Royal Sector for your orders. All citizens head home and stay indoors!” the announcement ended.

“REY! Let's get home quick.”

They jumped on their Sol Gliders and flew above the kingdom back to the heart of the Slums. Suddenly a large explosion erupted near the Slums marketplace, blasting away the buildings and walls. It created massive shock waves throughout the area, almost knocking them off their gliders.

“The walls...”

“Rey, let's go!”

Triston and Reyna glided frantically back down towards the Slums streets, oblivious of what the explosion was from or what was going on. When suddenly Knights appeared gliding and marching out of the gates connecting the Slums and Middle Sector.

“Hey, you kids. Head home, the streets are closed and contained. Move it. Men move out!” shouted the Captain.

The two could hear the screams of beasts from afar and the screeching of people being slaughtered. When another explosion erupted but this time it was even closer, and so much louder that it ruptured their ears. The two turned around, deciding to leave the dangerous area and glided quickly towards their homes.

“Mum, Pops! Are you home?” Triston yelled.

Reyna sprints into her house. “Mama, Papa!”

Both finding their houses empty, as if their parents just disappeared into thin air. It was just dead silent, not a sound, not only inside but outside as well. Heading back into the streets, there was no one, not their parents, not their neighbors.

“They aren't home, Trist. They're all gone!” Reyna wept.

The End

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