Chapter 1: Slumming Around

CHAPTER 1: Slumming Around

During a sunny day in the Slums, even with the dark clouds of dirt in the air, the sun shone brightly. It glistened the sky and raising the tensions of the people. Their hearts were lifted as they progressed through the day, working hard and honestly in the quiet streets.

When suddenly a shattering and crashing noise erupts from a store next to the market. A boy is knocked through the windows of a store, shattering the glass and crashing into a bunch crates.

"OUCH!!! What the hell, Rey." shouted the boy as he got up.

"What are you complaining about now, Trist. Are you mad that I kicked your ass?" Reyna remarked as she looked down at him smirking.

He fixed his black gold-plated headband, which was covered in dirt. It was a special present given to him by his father. She watched him, feeling sorry for him, he was such a mess, she always made fun of his lack of appearance from his short dark red hair, which only reached to the back of his neck, to his tanned skin. He was even shorter than the rest of the boys his age. The only thing he had going for him was that he was a bit muscular and strong. Compared to herself, who had fair skin, and she was tall and very thin. She also had large purple eyes and long hair, always in a pretty ponytail, which flowed all the way down her back, it made her stand out a lot. She pitied him, but mostly she pitied herself since she was wearing the same outfit, as the boy. A worn out, light brown shirt and dark brown shorts with worn out dark brown shoes. She thought, sighing with disappointment.

Triston stared back at Rey with his bright yellow eyes, glaring at her.

"What kind of Knight uses kicks in a battle. Knights are warriors and masters of the sword." he shouted angrily.

"Whatever, listen the only important thing about being a Knight is victory." she lectured him. Flickering around with her long feathered gold earrings, a memento from her grandmother, which was passed down to her mother and then her.

They stared at each other with built up rage and anger, they slowly approached each other with their wooden swords up in the air. Both ready to strike the other, patiently waiting for the other to make the first move.

"WHAT! The bloody hell is going on." A voice shouted from outside the shop, they both turned around instantly. There stood the owner Felix Ivory at the door. He was a large, hairy, balding old man, with a messy and dirty beard. He always reeked of alcohol and sweat.  He held his hammer in both of his hands about to snap it in two, his face became so flushed that is was if steam would blow out of his ears and mouth and he would erupt at any second.

"Triston and Reyna! You... two... again! My shop..."

"Let's scram," not wasting a second, they jumped through the window and  hopped on their Sol Gliders. Gliders were thin magic circular tablet that uses the spirit energy from the land and energy from the sun to power it. Stepping on the surface, they activated the Sol Glider, making it glow blue.  The two jetted down the street, as they peeked over their shoulders, Felix shouted at them as he ran after them. He was close on their tail raising his hammer in the air, swinging it in the air like a barbarian and smashing everything and all most anything in his sight. Carts, food stands and other objects were smashed and thrown left and right, people dived out of the mad man's way.

"Bloody hell!" they both shouted. They increased their speed, using their weight to maneuver the Sol Gliders through the street. They dived on the ground and started crouching and crawling, camouflaging themselves in the crowd. They continued their pace, heading in the direction of their home. When they noticed that Felix unleashed his Spirit Wolves, which were used by the Knights to track down enemies. Felix must have kept two from his Knight days, they thought.

"Trist, did we lose them?" Reyna asked out of breath.

"I... I think so..." he replied, his heart-pounding so hard with fear that it felt as if it would explode.

They looked up at the sky, attempting to calm themselves. Feeling relaxed after hearing only the chattering and marching of the crowd. When the sky suddenly went dark, as if an eclipse was occurring.

"What's happening!? Why is it so dark?" said Triston, still jumpy.

An object appeared in the sky, quickly descending like a lightning bolt, in the middle of the intersection. It crashed down on the ground, so hard it split the ground and created a crater in the middle of the street blowing the crowd away onto the ground. Smoke, dust and dirt rose in the air that it was almost impossible to see, the two couldn't even open their eyes because of the dust in the air around them. When the dust started to clear they opened their eyes, realizing below them that they were in the center of the crater created by the object. They looked up to see what could have caused the damage but the dust was still too thick, they couldn't make out what it was.

"What the bloody hell happened?" Reyna asked still in shock.

Suddenly it popped its head out of the dust cloud, right in between both Triston and Reyna's face. Their faces turned pale, their hearts stopped, at that moment, they knew, they knew that it was the end.

"I... found... you. Ankle Biters..." It said with a sadistic grin on its face.

The End

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