KoC ~ Knights of Concordia

Young warriors betrayed by their nations join together by strings of fate and a common bond. They traverse the land with their own dreams of a NEW WORLD. Each with their own goals, and values. They will step into the battlefield, attempting to forge a new future with their blades forward, and will aflame.

PROLOGUE: The Land Called Mana

In the year 1094 S.E, there was once a peaceful green and rich land called Mana. In this land, there resided humans and magical creatures living together in peace. In one kingdom in particular, because of their bonds with the spirits, people throughout the land respected the citizens of Spiritus. The people work and live respecting these spirits that dwelled in their land as Gods.  

"Hey! Luzius, aren't those the clergymen from Sanctus Kingdom? I hear they live in an isolated area of Mana, apart from any other nations!"

"Ya... since the beginning of the new century, those religious bastards been suddenly dispatching their clergymen to different nations and kingdoms to introduce their religion to the land. At first people were skeptical, but look at this land now! It's growing throughout the land like wildfire. Humph!"

"Ha ha ha! Well, Luzius, this kingdom is one of the first places that allow their religion to be practice freely."

"The King gladly invited these clergymen to our nation, what a fool!"

"Shhh... keep your voice down or it'll be your head! The King just openly believes in new knowledge and change. That's why he built the church in the center of the kingdom, where people can gather and worship together. Also it has become available to all classes of people, where even the poor, like us have access to it. It has brought the nation and land together even more than before. People have become happier and united in the land, Luzius."

"You and the King are naïve, Pulites! These clergy, they are not what they seem."

During the new year, the clergy requested an audience with the King.

"Your Majesty, to spread our religion to the world, we must build a bigger church in the center of the kingdom and build more near the country sides. The people must attend our church every Sunday to create a more united and happier kingdom. My Lord!"

With much debate, the King agreed. The King built a larger church in the center of the kingdom and placed smaller churches around the kingdom.

He then personally announced a new law to the entire kingdom; "By here on forth; All citizens of Spiritus must attend church every Sunday." the King announced.

The kingdom started to take a large hit. The kingdom's resources; food and money were getting scarce, their fields being overused and most of the money the kingdom was used to promote and build the churches. In the beginning of year 2001 S.E, the kingdom was getting even weaker because of the economy, neighboring nations took this chance to start an attack and take over the kingdom. The kingdom assembled their army and sent them out to the battlefield but they were easily overpowered because they were weak, starved, exhausted and out numbered. So the clergy requested another audience with the King.

"Your Majesty, to protect our land, we need more power... we need the powers of the spirits... my Lord..."

"My King, stop! I am Luzius, you must stop this madness." said Luzius, as he barged in with a group of rioting citizens. "The clergy are slowly but surely taking over. Please be reasonable, this religion is a farce! The kingdom is suffering, your people are suffering. You waster money on these clergy. They are sucking us dry. Now they want to use the spirits, who we have worshiped as Gods and use them as tools of war for their own gain."

The King struck with confusion and anguish was unable to answer back.

"Your Majesty. Have faith in our religion, our God!"

"My King! Think of your people!"

Suddenly the doors of the throne room swings open. The commander of the Knights appeared, walking forward, he bowed down in front the King.

"My Lord, the enemies have broken our lines, they have made their way to this kingdom as we speak. We can hold them no more. Your orders."

The King contemplating with inner conflict agreed with the clergy, if the battle dragged any longer the enemy would overturn his army and invade the castle. The King went to the spirits and asked for their aid.

"Dear Holy Spirits, our almighty Gods... we need your power... our kingdom is in peril... our people need you!" The King pleaded.

The spirits became torn because they did not want to get involved in wars between humans. They have always kept a neutral stance. But the kingdom was in danger and so they agreed to join them this once. The spirits joined the Knights of Spiritus in battle. They pushed back the enemy forces in a matter of days. The whole kingdom became filled with overjoy, because of the spirits the kingdom was finally safe. But then the clergy requested another audience with the King.

"Your Majesty, to heal our land, we need more resources or our land is in ruin... we must acquire new land... my Lord..."

The King pressured by the situation and with the kingdom's poor economy and the outcries of the people, hastily agreed. The King again went to the spirits asking for their aid to acquire new land from the enemy nations. But they rejected him. The church pressured the King to ask them again. The King went up to the spirits and asked once more.

"Dear Holy Spirits, our almighty Gods... our land is weak... our people are starving... we need your strength!"

Again, the spirits pressured and cornered to prove their loyalty to the kingdom responded a few days later, agreeing to join the kingdom's army. They marched south and took over the surrounding lands, they continued using the spirits in the front lines of battle until most of the southern lands of Mana was conquered by the Kingdom of Spiritus, with almost no casualties on their side. They easily conquered many lands and strengthened their economy, more so than they ever have before.

"Your Majesty, our land has been save because of your leadership! We conquered the lands of the south! With the powers of the spirits we can continue to other areas of Mana... my Lord..." said the Clergyman.

"No! The only reason we have started this battle was to save our land... we are not in search of needless conflict." The King said with a malicious look on his face.

"Sire! With our power... we can rule the land... my Lord, you can lead this world into a new Er..."

"THAT'S ENOUGH! I'm done with you, leave now!"

"Yes, Sire! Please forgive my rudeness..." said the Clergyman, pleading for forgiveness.

The clergymen were denied anymore audiences with the King and things returned to normal in the Kingdom, but behind the shadows, there was something unveiling itself under the depths of the kingdom. Something that will change Spiritus forever.


The End

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