Knowledge: A Short Story.

"What is this?" The little girl asked.
"It is The Book of Knowledge." the hunched old man said in his voice as wispy as his beard.
"What is that supposed to mean?" the girl asked.
"It contains all the worlds’ secrets." the old man said taping the large book proudly.
"Everything the government is hiding from us?" the girl asked excitedly. The old man shook his withered head.
“Everything the world has seen is in this book, here. Everything from the dawn of time." the old man said proudly. "and I'm the only one who has read it." he gave a triumphant snort of a laugh which turned into a fit of coughing.
"Wise man?" the girl asked patting the old man on his back. "if you read this book," she glanced at the book which was larger than then the table on which it sat. "You know all the worlds’ secrets?"
The old man nodded proudly. "And some of them are too scary to repeat."
"Cool" the girl said flipping through the large pages. "So what did you do with the all the secrets you learned?"
"What else did you do with your life?" She asked.
"Well I just finished reading the book yesterday." the old man complained.
The little girl never attempted to read The Book of Knowledge.

The End

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