Erin - my saviour

Josh walked me back to my mother’s penthouse; ever since she re-married I haven't been able to call it my home. It definitely doesn't feel like it, he - Andrew Puma, yes my mum is now Mrs Puma - has taken over the house and my mum. She's never there anymore, always out doing some work for Andrew.  We never do any mother, daughter thing anymore. She never tells me where she's going, last month she went to New York for a week - of course I only found this out when she came back. Just to top off the unbearable family life, Will had broken up with me for some b**ch who had told him that she had always loved him... blah blah blah! Everyone knew she couldn't stand me being happy, I used to think she was my friend. Believe me; I will not be making that mistake again and if I'm honest, I was distraught when he told me. The only person I could confide in was Erin; she's been my best friend since we were like 5 years old. She knew exactly how to cheer me up, like she said “the best cure for a break-up, is a hook-up.” That’s exactly why I got together with Josh, and I have to say he has made me feel a lot better about myself; but now I have to end it with him I’m not sure how I’m going to do it.

“Night, beautiful” Josh whispered in my ear, sending shivers all over my body. I turned to face him.

“Goodnight, will I see you tomorrow?” I asked.

“I’ll drop by before I go to school if you want?” He looked so sweet when he said that.

“Sure, my mum’s away somewhere. She wouldn’t care if you were here anyway, no offence; but she probably wouldn’t even notice you.”

“As long as I get to spend more time with you, I wouldn’t care if I was invisible to the world.”
Would he please stop being so damn adorable! It’s not making my job any easier.

I giggled, “Okay, I’ll see you in the morning.” I turned away to walk into the lobby. There are about 100 apartments in the building, ours (being the penthouse) is obviously the biggest; although I would prefer to live in one of the smaller ones, if it meant being away from my mother and her husband.

Before I could walk away, Josh grabbed my hand and wrapped his arms around me. I could cope with hugs, the problem lies when it progresses from hugs. Finally he let me go and smiled down at me. All I wanted to do was go inside and call Erin, she’d know what to do. Yet again I turned away, this time Josh didn’t grab me. He did however stand his ground and make sure I got into the lobby. As I closed the door, he finally walked away.


As soon as I got into my bedroom I hit speed dial on my phone, I just had to talk to Erin.

“Hey Scarlet! What’s up?”

“I couldn’t do it.” I admitted.

“Oh Scarlet! We went through what to do.”

“I know, I know but he’s just so sweet.”

“As sweet as Will?” Erin said, trying to provoke me.

“Well, maybe. I can’t see Josh running off into the sunset with some hag.”

“Okay, fair point. But you know how Hailey is.” Erin said, trying to reason with me.

“Yes I do! That’s exactly why she has to be dealt with.”

“I agree I hate her too. All I’m saying is that it’s not necessarily Wills’ fault.”

“Ok Ok, so what do I do about Josh?” I ask, confused.

“I think you just have to do it, if it’s too difficult face to face; call him. You’re probably never going to see him again once school starts.”

“Yeah you’re right, yet again.” I hated when she was right! Okay, so I was just going to have to man-up and do it. “I’m gonna call him now.” I decided.

“Ok, let me know how it goes and don’t worry about it.”

“I will do, thanks Erin!”

“No problem. See ya!” And she hung up, she, Erin - my saviour.

The End

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