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It's about upper-class teenagers, with too much money to spend.

Walking hand in hand through the pristine, popular (only for the rich) park, under the cover of the trees; I ran through what I had to do in my head. Don't get me wrong, I liked Josh, and this fling that we've had has been fun. He was smart, sweet and funny everything that a upper class teenager - like myself - would hope for, except for the fact... he wasn't Will.

"Josh, these past two weeks have been... ummm... perfect, but there's something important I need to tell you - "

"Please, Scarlet..." Josh interrupted, "let me just say something first."

"...Okay then." I replied, curious of what he had to tell me.

"Now, other than being blunt - I'm not sure how to tell you this. So, I'm just going to say it. I'm not who I said I was." Josh admitted.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I told you I came from a middle class background. I lied. I am actually more like you than I seem, I come from a very wealthy background. My family owns a lot of land and properties. Unfortunately my family aren't exactly the most admired in our social circle." Josh looked down at his feet, obviously ashamed.

Becoming extremely curious now, and surprisingly not angry I urged him on. "What did they do?"

"To cut the story short, they lied and techniquely stole just to get richer than they already were."

I thought this over for a matter of seconds, and compared it to my family and i decided it wasn't so bad. "So, were you involved in any of it?"

"I'm sorry what? You don't care what they did?" he said surprised, with a slight smile coming through.

"Well, my family aren't that perfect either." I replied.

"Oh okay, well maybe I could hear about that another time." Josh said winking at me, definately implying a second date - well, more like a seventh. He was so... so... nice and fairly cute, how could I possibly break up with him. "So, what was the important thing that you had to tell me?" he asked, trying to change the subject (I'm kinda' glad he did).

Oh crap! What should I say? "....Ummm, I was wondering whether, ummm, you wanted to go to the 'night party' with me?" Please, please, please believe me!

"I would be honored." He grinned, and pulled me close and brought his smooth lips down and pressed them gently to mine. Wrapped his strong, safe hands around my back, gently rubbing my back and hair. I lifted my hands, put one at the back of his head and slowly ran my fingers along his strong set jaw. Josh's mouth opened, making mine open at the same time. His breath mingled with mine and felt warm and sweet, his tongue flicked into my mouth and I started to return his kiss. I began to feel a little strange. My heart was beginning to thump in a peculiar rhythm, like I was racing down a roller-coaster. Someone was tying knots inside of me. I pulled away, gently (as not to be rude). Sure it was nice, but with Will, it made my insides melt; not tie in knots.

The End

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