Important People

Detective Shay loomed over an unfortunate intern who was typing a copy of Purtain murder police report. Shay was known for his vehemence when it came to the facts being recorded accurately and this case was no exception. He hadn't become a top detective in the homicide department for nothing.

A woman in her thirties approached Shay with a small bag with fibers found at the crime scene. 

"They fibers are only from the Mr. Purtain's bathrobe, which he must have caught on something. Sorry, Shay."

"This guy! I've been after him for weeks! He never leaves a trace, just cuts their throats and vanishes into thin air! I keep telling myself that eventually he'll make a mistake, but he never does, Donna."

Donna looked up at him with her deceivingly innocent blue eyes. She was older than she looked and never seemed to age, but Shay could tell that the late nights at the police department were starting to take their toll.

"We'll just have to keep going after him. This one might be the one, you know."

"You're the best criminal psychologist in this city and even you don't know his motivation for this massacre!"

"Well, this particular killing has given me an idea. He's not doing this for fun, he's probably being paid."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, none of his victims have been lower-class people. They've all been members of elite society. All of them have plenty of wealthy enemies and rivals that might want them out of the way. If you go to the right side of town with the right amount of money, you can buy anything. The more money you have, the better the quality of work."

"You're saying that we're dealing with a hitman? Between master and servant, which is the real criminal?"

"I'd put my money on the one hiring him. He's the one with the motivation and the money. The killer just does as he's told. It'll be harder to find the one without the motive than the one with it, if you catch my drift."

"Investigating every society member is going to be impossible! They have connections and could shut down the investigation at any time."

"Then we'd better get a head start on them and keep this between us. We can't involve anyone else or we'll risk halting our investigation. I'm going to start looking up well known rivals of the victims so far to see if there are any names that come up repeatedly. You can join me if you wish, but you need to keep up the facade that we're searching for a deranged psychopath."

"Got it, Donna. You always were better at planning than me anyway."

The End

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