Money and Ambition

The news of the murder reached Roland Jurison the next morning. He was sitting at his breakfast table, smoking a fat cigar and mulling over the events of the previous night while his housekeeper cleared away the remains of his breakfast. Absent-mindedly he picked up the paper and skimmed through the articles until his eyes snagged on an article. Roland furrowed his bushy brows and peered at the headline, confusion turning to satisfaction as he read what was written there:

Wealthy politician Louis Purtain and his wife Margaret were found murdered in their beds last night. Police reports say the couple had their throats cut, probably whilst unconscious. No trace of their killer has been found, but the investigation continues.

Roland smiled nastily, revealing a mouthful of tobacco-stained teeth. So he'd done it. After days of inactivity the blasted knifeman had finally got his act in gear and done as Roland had instructed. Took him long enough, he thought irritably, disposing of his used cigar in the ashtray before lighting another. In all the months he'd had this Shadow in his employment, this was the first time he'd ordered a killing of such an important person. At first he hadn't trusted the pale-eyed assassin, thinking him some sort of trickster out to steal his money and run for it. However, now it was clear that, despite his irritating slowness, he really was an exceedingly skilled killer.

Just goes to show what sort of help money can get you, he thought evilly. Money and ambition, that was all Roland needed. It was time to take his rightful place in society, and he would use any methods necessary to get there.

And with a weapon like Shadow at his disposal, who would dare stand against him?

The End

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