Blades and Blood

The shadow turned, disappearing into the dark night. The next time it stepped out of the gloom it was standing across the street, just outside the porch lights reach, of a beautiful little home. It waited in the rain and smiled to itself as the lights in the windows slowly winked out. It glided up to the front door and tried the handle. The door swung open silently. Poor sob, so trusting.

Slowly it made its way up the staircase, pausing to look at the pictures on the wall. A snap shot of a lake, a man and his son are posing with freshly caught fish. A wedding photo. A few birthdays gone by. All these happy memories about to be made painful.

It continued down the hall to the last door, barely an outline in the dark. Again the door slide open silently as it gently turned the handle. A man and a women lay side by side in the bed of the room beyond. The shadows fingers flex as they slowly select a knife from it's belt, the eyes never leaving the man in the bed. The fingers stop and the shadow steps forward, merely a silhouette in the moonlight outside.

The raised blade glinted as it caught the moons rays, reflecting them down upon the sleeping man. It slowly, deliberately wrapped its' fingers around the closed fist above its' head.
A single tear rolled its way down the shadow's cheek pausing on its chin.
"No one can know."
The tear fell to the sheets, followed by blade and blood.

The End

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