I left

One of the men moved back and Aurthur could see several troops aboard large brown steeds.  A nearbye boy ran forth twoard the knights.  He lunged up and snathced a bag out from the warriors left pocket.  The knight responded by whipping the boy with his knife.  A deep cut went into the young boys back.  The boy fell over and groaned in agony.  "Ha ha ha, now you can tell your pathetic friends you were wounded in combat!"  The warrior laughed coldly.  The man was about to slay the boy when the Arthur jumped forth grabbing his arm.  He tried as hard as he could to push it back but the warrior was quickly beating him.  That is when the soldier on the side right of the man plunged a tinny needle into the warriors.  The vile man fell back.  "Ever since he had drank the water of the bronze bowl, he had been becoming worse."  The man looked over to Aurthur.  The man nodded at the troops behind him.  They got off of there steeds and walked to Arthur.  "He is not as strong as most.  But the components will increase that." One soldier said.  "We should bring him with us."  The other said.  With that they grabed him and led him to a steed that was behind the rest.  For some reason.  Aurthur did not resist.  He did not fight.  This was not normal fo Arthur.  But he just did as they wanted. He got aboard the steed.  Then they began to move.  They walked off.  Leaving the village.

The End

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