I watched

He awoke.  A dark room was all he could see.  His eyes focused and discovered the room was his own.  It was a simple place.  Made by his father and his friends,the cabin housed the one occupant.  The man was named Aurthur.  Arthur got up,well sort of.  He had been dazed by the morning sun that quickly filled up the room.  His legs extended onto the floor boards.  He stumbled forward and opened the door pain streaked through his feet.  Then after much confusion and triping,Arthur got down stairs.  Walking to a small window that gave a view of the village.  Within half a second he realized somthing was out of the ordinary.  People were gathering in the dirty,bumpy road.  Arthur dawned his black robe and walked outside.  "The commotion proves that there is some sort of exitement.  But what is it?"  Arthur asked a peasent.  The man turned and replied,"the Bronze Circle is passing through!"  Arthur was amazed.  All knew of the Knights of the bronze circle.  Brave troops that fought the monsters that plauged the world.

This could be my perfect oppertunity.

The End

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