Knights of the bronze circle

Midevil aliens land on earth in a alternative history.

There used to be 9 planets.  Yes you heard me correct, 9 proper planets and 20 dwarf planets.  This 9th planet supported life, like ours.  But the monsterous beings of this planet knew that only one of these spawns must die.  So they set the sky afire with a weapon.  This is the story of why the 9th planet is gone.  And why the earth is still standing.

In the year of lord king charles, A red blazing rock from the stars, crashed into the german terratories.  For five days it turned to ash anyone who touched the surface.  Then from the colossel mountain sized rock.  The spawn of darknbess decended on all.  With the ship came forth the proficey.  A man with a sword forged from the heart of this ship, shall kill the ivaders.  Let all beg for this.  To be truthful.

The End

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