Knights Of Aura follows the saga of souls that were hand picked by a group of Immortals to protect our world from the demonic hoard of The Nexus, a hellish world that is ruled by Korvax who was a person agenda against any child of Aura. Terra is the realm that the Immortals are from and believe the souls they have chosen were once the children of Aura and knights in the past. This is the first story of many.

In the realm of Aura, a group of Immortals were watching our world through a huge globe crystal in front of them.

Some watched with interest while others were not impressed.

Charity walked up to the globe and looked at a few mortals walking about, some were talking about their day, some were arguing and one couple were kissing.

"Love. Such a curious emotion." Charity said.

Serenity walked up to her daughter.

"It is the most important emotion to them, my daughter." She said.

"It is a pointless emotion, it just gets them into more trouble." Nero said, who was the father of Charity.

"If you do not have hope or love, then what do you really have left?" Marcus asked Nero.

Marcus was one of the elder immortals and father to Clara, a Guardian that watches over Knights.

"When humans lose faith, Nero, they resort to violence." Serenity said.

"They do that anyways, no matter the issue, and their wars are pointless. They fight over land, over people, over money...for what? Just to destroy each other in the end?" Nero asked.

Marcus sighed.

"I am afraid you are right, Nero. But daughters will always inspire them." Marcus said.

Hope and Faith were twin sisters and gave inspiration to the emotions of the same name we feel today.

Hope looked at the globe and saw a young girl trying to start her car.

"There is someone that needs help. Perhaps I could give her a hand." Hope said as she looked at Marcus.

"No, never interfere with a mortal's life. They should never know of us." Nero said.

The Immortals were not allowed to show themselves to Mortals in fear that it would cause problems, they also didn't want to be corrupted by their ways and cause even more problems with the Mortals.

Charity was different, she wanted to help Mortals, but she knew what would happen if she did.

Her immortality would be at risk and she would start to become mortal the longer she stayed in our world.

Serenity knew her daughter was curious and tried to let her know that our world was not safe.

Fate, on the other hand, loves interfering with the lives of mortal, mostly to teach them a lesson on their wrong choices.

She takes her name to heart and really mess with the fate of mortals.

Fate was the daughter of Nero, she liked mortals while her father was not too impressed by them and found us too violent.

Fate's mother, Destiny, tries her best to fix our world and help some mortals find a new way in life.

Chasity, who was the sister of Charity, was still young and very innocent to the world, but she too was curious about the mortals and was mainly focused on love.

In our world, a young woman named Sonya Ryan was fixing her car on the side of the road, it was late afternoon and it was a hot day.

She sighed with frustration as she slammed her hood down.

"Damn it." She mumbled.

After calling for a tow truck, she waited in her car and was pretty upset at her situation, she was late for a birthday party her younger sister was having in Vegas and wanted to be there for her.

Sonya has had a rough life, her parents died when she was about 17 years old and her sister was about ten years old, she had her sister live with their uncle in Utah.

Her sister was now 18 and moved to Nevada to see Vegas and become a Showgirl one day.

Sonya was not happy about her choice for work, but she was going to support her sister no matter what.

After her car was taken to a near by repair shop, she paid the bill and headed off to Vegas, now night was falling and she could see light up ahead.

"Finally...Las Vegas." She said.

She arrived at the hotel her sister said to meet her at, she got a room and went off to her sister's room.

They talked for hours about her party, Sonya felt bad about missing, but knew her sister would forgive her and they were close to one another.

Sonya's sister, Abby, had a boyfriend named Chad, who was not the best of company, he was more of a striving artist then anything and wasn't always around.

He liked to party and drink, Abby was not into that scene, but he said in order to be a Showgirl she would have to get use to parties.

"Don't listen to that jerk, Abby. He doesn't know you like I do and he doesn't care." Sonya said.

"I know, but I want to help him with his music business." Abby said.

"He's talked about that for years and hasn't done anything to improve it." Sonya said.

Abby sighed, she hated it when her sister lectured her, but still took it to heart.

Outside, Clara appeared and looked up at the window to see Sonya and Abby talking.

She smiled and walked into the motel.

In the realm of Terra, Nero looked at the globe to see Clara.

"What is she doing?" He asked.

"She is finding her knight, Nero." Marcus said.

"That girl is a knight? I think woman has ever been a knight." Nero said.

"It shows how narrow minded you are, Nero." Charity said.

"Charity, behave." Serenity said to her daughter.

Marcus chuckled.

"Perhaps we could help." Faith said as she stood next to sister Hope.

"No, not yet. We must allow this girl to accept the challenge first that Clara will give her." Marcus said.

"I could give her a boost and show her a real challenge." Fate said with a grin.

"Forget it. You are too wild, Fate and you would cause problems among us and them." Chasity said.

Back in our world, Sonya was walking down The Strip to look at some stores, she was no use to the city and doesn't know how dangerous it can be.

Two men jumped her and tried to take her purse, but Clara stepped in, a light shined in and the men ran off.

Clara was not allowed to fight a Knight's battle for them, but since they were not demons, it was okay for now.

Sonya looked at Clara.

"Thanks." She said.

"You are welcome." Clara said as she helped Sonya up.

"Who are you?" Sonya asked.

"I am Clara. I have been looking for you." She said.

"Why?" Sonya asked.

"You have been chosen." Clara said.

"Chosen for what?" Sonya asked.

"To be a Knight of Aura. You are one of her children and I am here to train you." Clara said.

Sonya was confused and laughed a bit.

"You're insane." She said and walked off.

Clara smiled and knew Sonya would come back to her.

The End

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