Be the PrinceMature

You are the Prince.

In reality, being the prince seems like it would be great, but it's really not. You have responsibilities that you avoid like the plague and a lifetime of obscure procedures to remember. Lessons were boring and you'd much rather walk down to the town and befriend the people - which you do, sometimes - than learn the total produce created by an average farmer on a good harvest year. 

Today is different, though. Today, you will get to see the tournament that takes place every two or so years for knighthood. You know that the senior knights will be interesting - considering how talented and experienced they all will surely be - but they are not who you are looking forward to. They will be your father's knights, after all.

What you are excited for - more so than anything else - is the tournament with the junior knights. From these contestants will come your knights. One of them will be chosen to be your head knight once you take the throne. You had befriended one knight during the past year and it was likely the position would be given to their capable hands when the time came, but you always liked to keep your eye out - Just in case.

The End

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