Meet the PrinceMature

As they did every other year, the castle held a tournament for those looking to knighted. There were two categories - Seniors and juniors. You would be competing as a junior this year, as fifteen was still fairly young. You'd been doubting your abilities for a while, but Jacob had moved out to the lands of the King about a year ago and his letters told you it would be an excellent opportunity to see one another. You agreed, finally - Promising that both you and Joclynn would be there.

The ride there had been tight and uncomfortable and more often than not, Joclynn was trying to calm your nerves, but she was just as glad as you were when the ride finally did end. Both of you hopped out. Two seniors and junior knight stood there, greeting guests. The senior knights were one you knew well from your childhood. Joshua and Clayton were a few years older than even you and, despite their status, were known for being trouble-makers. They were twins and incredibly capable for their age. They wouldn't even given the junior knights the time of day, when they joined. 

The junior knight was grumbling to himself, wishing he was anywhere but there. You recognise him instantly and your lips curl into a genuine smile saved for few. 

"Jake!" you call, making his head perk up and a smile of its own spread across his face.


The End

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