Chapter 4: Zahariel (part 2)Mature

How could he possibly know about that? Kaileana pondered. "Assassins?, whatever do you mean?" she asked Zahariel with a weak laugh, spreading her mechanical claws, playing clueless. Zahariel sneered and then replied "No one betrayed you your majesty, I have my own ways of knowing such things. I know you are looking for the assassins who killed General Tiberius" he said curtly

"You see I used to be one of them" he admitted. Kaileana perked up, interested. "I saw they were becoming anarchists, so I called them out over it and they cast me out" He said bitterly. "You did not bother to come here before because?" Kaileana asked. Zahariel just shrugged. "So where are they hiding them?" she inquired. Zahariel sighed. "I cannot say for certain your majesty, only that they reside within this city and that we will find them a lot faster than anyone you dedicate the task to would."

He said  that like it was an unfortunate reality of life. Then Kaileana realized. "You said we, I only see you" Zahariel looked slightly from side to side, as if realising his company was not with him. "I would be afraid it my disciples revealed themselves your Iron Guard would be provoked" he replied.

"Stand down!" Kaileana ordered. Her Iron Guard relaxed a fraction. Twelve figures materialised out of thin air. Anderson went for his pistol again but thought better of it. Each one of them wore a a dark long coat with a hood. She noticed the all had a dagger in a scabbard at their  belts. Each wore a dark grey mask which did not appear to possess any mouth. They all had their arms crossed.

All of them dropped to one knee and bowed. "I will serve you your majesty" Zahariel told her. "But my disciples will only take orders from me". "Weapons are forebidden by those who come before me" Kaileana told them "Our apologies, your majesty" Zahariel spoke for them

Kaileana took each of them in. Skilled, trained, professional. "Very well Zahariel, I will accept your assistance. We ll work out the terms of your employment later". "It will take several days to hunt them out but it is only a matter of time" Zahariel replied with a confidant smile on his wrinkled features. 

"Hargreave, show them to their quarters, and see to that their needs are catered for. Hargreave gave a bow in her direction. "Follow me then good gentlemen" he spoke to Zahariel and his disciples. He lead them out the door Anderson had entered through.

Kaileana beckoned Anderson and he leaned towards here. "Keep and eye on them, help us they might, I do not trust them an inch

The End

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