Chapter 3: Ulysses( Part 4)Mature

"Is this really necessary Nina?" Garviel grumbled as she led him towards the workhop. It was a large room with several machines and work benches. Garviel did not know how the fraternity could afford the machines or how they would even get them down here in the first place. Adam and two other fraternity members were already in the workshop when they arrived, working on disassembled clockwork devices of their own. "Its a tradition we have, everyone else does and and so will you" she smirked.

She was referring to the tradition of adding some sort of decorative feature to his mask. Something he would add after every future assassination. He sighed. There was no getting out of this. He picked up a hammer and centre punch from a nearby tool rack and punched a small indentation in the wraithbone above the corner of the right lense. He then selected a very thin brass bar and took it to one of the workshops lathes.. He fitted the bar into the machines three-jawed chuck. He the set to work meticulously parallel turning the cutting tool until he had a section about as wide as half his finger nail. He then faced off a coin sized sliver from the very front. He took it back to the workbench and gently engraved GT on its surface. He retrieved some solder and carefully melted a tiny fraction of the grey material until it dripped into the indentation on the mask. He then fitted the brass disk onto this. 

Nina gave a low whistle of approval. "You certainly know your way around a workshop Garvi" she said with approval. Garviel turned around on his stool with a little surprise. That was the first time she had referred to him by his nickname around here. "I used to work with the Mechanics guild, remember"He replied. "I was never brilliant at the clockwork stuff but this.." he gestured at his  mask on the bench."I can do". Nina picked it up and examined it carefully. Taking in every detail. "GT, like for General Tiberius?"she asked. Garviel nodded, pleased she had picked up on that detail. "Wanna see mine?" she asked him. Garviel nodded

She pulled it out from a pouch she kept on her right hip. Garviel took it in his hands and studied it with interest. It was the same dark greyish white material as his except hers had ruby lenses supported in little brass frames. There were several steel fangs, each as long as a finger hanging from the upper jaw, nine in all.  Each had two letters engraved along its length. "Ya, I do their initials too" a  slight sinister tone to her voice that he was certain she was doing deliberately.

A sudden question came to Garviel's mind randomly. "What would  happen if someone else tried to wear this?" he asked her. "There head would explode in a ball of fire" Nina replied. He looked up and she burst out laughing. "Your too easy to fool sometimes Garv!, Honestly i have no idea" she admitted. "I don't see why anything would happen really. I think Ulysses said something on time about the wraithbone accepting one owner, they are just lumps of useless material to anyone else even people with our abilities 

At that moment another fraternity member bust through the door. Daniel, Garviel though his name was "Ulysses want us all for a meeting, now" He said, before walking off abruptly

They all made their way to the central area where the granite slab stood. There  were about twenty other people their when Garviel, Nina, Adam and the others from the workshop entered.The glow in his eyes appeared to be weaker Garviel noticed. Once they had entered Ulysses spoke. "Friends I fear a dark time is falling upon us and our cause, we have strived to remain in secrecy for so long, but now it seems our existence has become noticed by the empire" Garviel noticed several people briefly look in his direction. "But worse then that" Ulysses continued. Garviel noticed that Ulysses almost looked ill by whatever he was about to tell them

"I have seen a presence while meditating, One I have not seen in many years. He is an old member of this fraternity,one of its founders like me, but he left many years ago. He looked at them all this genuine worry and, was that fear? Garviel thought. "And I fear he has returned to bring about our  orders end"

The End

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