Chapter 3: Ulysses (part 3)Mature

Kaileana sat on the raised chair at the top of the table, Anderson stood at her side, like her he still wore what had been in earlier, his blue uniform armour and all. The council chamber rarely saw use. It was a large oval room with no windows except for its curved glass ceiling. The floors were laid with red carpet and the walls of dark varnished mahogany like the meeting table before her, on which hung various paintings from many of the empire's great artists.

Her eyes flicked between each new council member who entered. Some she knew already. General Harty, who had replaced Tiberius as general of the Imperial army. Admiral Harvridge of  the imperial air fleet and Mobius Tyber the representative for the Mechanics guild. He gave a thoughtful nod in her direction, he had been a strong supporter of hers since her incoronation.The rest were various representatives of the other major cities within the empire.She drummed her manicured nails patiently on the chairs armrest as she waited for them all to finish their pleasantries to each other and take their appropriate seats. As soon as everyone had taken their seats their seats two of her Iron Guard moved to close their double steel doors.

She let her gaze linger on them for a moment, taking in the amazing technology they were equipped with. Each man was clad in steel with the darker flat rods of the power augment skeleton on their outer arms and legs which enhanced their strength and speed, they wore helmets with tinted blue visors. There were several gears along their chests and a pair of micro hydraulics from calf to heel. Each was equipped with a double barrelled auto cannon and a power claw with faint electric arcs running through its claws. Least to say their footfalls were loud.

Eventually the room fell silent and all stared up and her. Some with lust, others with curiosity, this was the first time during her regime that she had called council. "I have called you hear tonight to discuss details over the recent murder of general Tiberius" she said looking each of them one at a time the eye, trying to gauge their reactions. "Forgive me your majesty but we were informed he died of natural causes" spoke general Harty who sat on the opposite end of the table to her. "A lie" she admitted. "We did not want public panic with how easily our former military leader was assassinated" 

There was a brief murmuring among the reps at this news. Kaileana waited patiently for it to die down, he gaze flicking to Anderson who still stood loyally at her side. One of the city representatives spoke up. "Assassinated, your majesty?" She nodded."Honoured Commander if you would" she said. Several  council members seemed to notice Anderson for the first time. "Why is the city guard leader here?" demanded one. Kaileana's brow narrowed at that. "What is your name?" she asked. "Alfred Gladstone, representative of the port city of Marindor, your majesty" he replied politely. "Well Alfred as this assassination happened in this city I think the Honoured Commander is entitled to be here" She continued " And even if not I would request his presence anyway, is there a problem with that?" she challenged him, smiling. "None your majesty" he replied meekly, backing down

Anderson,s eyes flicked to her for a moment. He then walked around the table handing out a file to each of them "These contain the records of every assassination and witness account we believe was carried out by the same group who killed Tiberius" he said. Some council members picked the files up and scanned every word of them, others half heartedly flicked through the pages.When Anderson returned to her side Kaileana spoke again."As you can see their has been a group killing corrupt officials within this empire for several decades, I will not tolerate people ignoring imperial law and taking the lives of others regardless of their reasons" 

"What do you request of us them your majesty?" inquired Mobius. He wore a dark cloak on which was a golden eagle, its wings raised and supporting a gear, the symbol of the Mechanics guild. He wore a small clockwork device of unknown function on his right wrist and brass eye piece of his right eye which supported three small lenses." I do not believe simply posting additional city guard will solve this but whatever solution we do use must be enacted everywhere" She looked at all of them. "If any of you can think of a way which we can catch these assassins then please speak" she asked. "Perhaps running through profiles of all imperial citizens?" suggested one rep. "Not viable" said another "They have long removed themselves from public knowledge" "How about checkpoints throughout the cities?" said Gladstone. "No" said Anderson "It would lead to uproar and we do not want the public to know about this" he continued "These people like to use the roofs anyway

"Well then post men on the roofs" suggested admiral Harvridge. Kaileana nodded. "We intend to do so admiral if we must post more guard in the cities" Mobius added "We could work on some sort of detection system to detect them coming in towards those men, we have been working on something similar for the army, radar the boys are starting to call it".Kaileana smiled "perfect Tyber, such systems could deny them their element of surprise" "And maybe if likely targets were given more protection?" offered another city rep.  Kaileana held back a small laugh. "Anyone they kill is found guilty of corruption to the point where you could be arrested or executed" He stiffened up slightly. "Very well your majesty, clearly if we know who is a target we know who to arrest"

"Are there any more suggestions?" Kaileana inquired. No one answered. "Very well,  city guard postings are to be increased as of tomorrow, Mobius if you require more funding for this radar device do not hesitate to ask" He gave a shallow bow. "Thankyou your majesty" She nodded at the two Iron Guard guarding the doors who then hauled them open. "thankyou for your time" she said softly. Each of them rose and bowed before leaving the room. When they had all left Anderson made to leave "Anderson?"Kaileana asked, He turned around to speak to her. "Yes your majesty?" "I am starving, would you  care to join me for a meal?" she asked, flashing a smile. He seemed a little confused at first, something she always found cute about him, before he smiled in return "I would love to your majesty"

The End

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