Chapter 3: Ulysses (part 2)Mature

Garviel re entered the square room and took the corridor opposite the one he had originally entered through. The walls were lines with grooves where wires had one run the length of these corridors and pipes ran along the upper and lower sections of the walls as well. This place must have been a service station of some sort, before the fraternity adopted it for their usage, none of the other members could tell him what it was originally built for

He eventually emerged in a large room that rose to where its ceiling became lost in the shadows above. In the centre there stood the remains of what looked like a small circular temple. Its roof gone and the various pillars either crumbled or truncated with ruin. It was likely a cult of some sort may have gathered here before the fraternity but none of them had ever found reference in any archive or library. In the centre of the ruin, Ulysses knelt, hands on his knees and head lowered as he muttered in some inaudible tongue to himself.

As he had before,Garviel attempted to creep up on him, but whenever he crossed over the boundary into the temple, Ulysses always became aware of him. "Garviel" he spoke,rose to his feet and turned to face him. Ulysses was dressed navy tunic tied with a leather belt. He had short black hair and skin as pale as snow which made his lambent blue eyes stand out more. 

"General  Tiberius lies dead by your hand, and the threat he posed to the empress removed, but..."  "But what?" demanded Garviel. "What is it that i did wrong?". Ulysses continued "You preformed your task with great efficiency,Garviel, apart from killing Tiberius where it was blatantly obvious an assassin had killed him, but this is not your fault" He sighed " I was foolish to send you, I feared that with him returning to the capital he would attempt to take the throne, so I sent you, our newest initiate. And because of my foolishness the Empress herself now turns her attention to finding us, for the empire has been keeping record of our actions for longer than I fathomed" 

Garviel grew puzzled at this. "How do you know of this" he inquired. Ulysses gestured to where he had been kneeling. " I can....see certain things when I meditate" he replied "What is happening elsewhere, even what certain individuals at doing. It is through this and a small network or informants that I seek out the targets we kill, it is also how I found you Garviel" "What do you mean?" Garviel inquired. "When I meditate I can see others with powers like us, Sometimes we reach out, sometimes we do not, we chose you Garviel because you were unhappy with your life. Leaving the mechanics guild against your fathers wishes and searching for purpose, we found you and knew we could help you reach your potential" he smiled. "But back on topic. The empress will be holding council on how to find us. For now we must remain silent. I have sent word to all our members to halt their missions and lay low". "We are just going to sit around and hope she gives up? Garviel asked "Empress Kaileana Sendevola is not one to just give up". "For now we must Garviel, until we see what she intends to do, we may have to reach out ad show her we are on her side" He turned away from him. "I  have tried hard to ensure this fraternity remained invisible, I would hate to think we would come under political control, even if it is the empress."

Ulysses kneeled back down again and returned to his meditations. Garviel took that as his excuse to leave. He turned and left through the corridor he had entered. He had not realised how tired he was. He returned to his quarters, kicked of his boots and lay down.It was not much, a mattress on a small wooden frame with a paper thin blanket and a pillow. Yet despite this he fell asleep as soon as he lay down

The End

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