Chapter 2:The Empress (part 2)Mature

"You mean to tell me there is a masked vigilante running about my city killing whoever he pleases?" Kaileana asked as she and Anderson strolled back towards the imperial dome. She nearly laughed at suck a ludicrous notion, But Anderson appeared serious. " Not just the city, I checked the archives, we've had similar reports like these for decades across the empire. A dead sheriff here and banker a year later somewhere else" he stopped and looked at her. " And not just male, there has generally only been one witness when there ever was one, both male and female were reported. He looked like he was about to say something else,but decided not to and continued walking "What is  it?" Kaileana enquired. He stopped once more to face her. "Every time one of these assassinations occurred we would find evidence later to show them guilty of something". He continued "funds stolen, blackmail, bribery, arranging colleagues deaths". he lowered his voice and came a little close to her. "What I am saying your majesty is that whoever these people are, they appear to be targeting corruption within the empire". "Corrupt or not I will not have some secret group just killing whoever they please in my city or this empire!" she snaped. Kaileana was shocked at herself. That was no way for her to address Anderson for speaking his mind, which she had given him liberty to do before. She recomposed herself. "Forgive me Anderson.." He shook his head "You need not apologise to me your majesty" he replied politely. "I know you meant no offence, and as empress you have enough to deal with as it is without this" She smiled at that. Anderson had always been understanding of her, one of many reasons she liked him being around. "Contact the council,  there will be a meeting tonight on this matter" she ordered. "As you wish your majesty" he said with a shallow bow. "Oh and Anderson?" she said. "Yes your majesty?" he asked. "I want to see you there as well tonight"  A brief look of puzzlement crossed his face before he replied. "As you wish your majesty"

Francis Yeyger sat on a bench in the court area at the front of the imperial dome. The entire area appeared to be made from either marble of granite. The  granite path leading up to the door to the dome was lined with Marble statutes thirty metres tall, each one depicting an emperor of empress that had held the throne since the empires founding five hundred years previously. To either side of this path was a water fountain with four tiers, clear water bubbling out and cascading down into the granite basin He sat on a bench adjacent one. to either side of the marble steps leading to the domes entrance was a pole with a long banner boasting the imperial flag. The flag showed a black eagle set on a blood red backround. The eagle had mechanical like claws and was using its wings to shelter a white sphere. And so few of those within the empire knew its meaning.  He sighed at that thought and itched his grey mustache. what is that kid doing in there? he wondered. After General Tiberius was found dead, he found Feredova sedated and she had been taking off by the city guard for questioning. At that moment he head the grinding of gears and watched as the massive doors of the imperial dome swung slowly opened.  Feredova marched out with a pissed off look on her face. Behind her Francis could see two of the dome's Iron Guard in their mechanical power armour watching her every move as she left.  He got up and walked over to her, she hugged him as soon as they were close. "You did not  need to come here Franky" she said. "But thanks for doing so anyway". "I never abandon a member of my crew of a friend, especially not one whose as good a gunner as you are. So what did those assholes want you for?" She brushed a lock of her golden hair out of her face before replying. " Wanted to know about that ass who jumped me the other night, fucking pointless I hardly saw him but you know what these people are like" "Ya" he replied. "Come on kiddo, i'll buy you a drink and you can tell me all about it"

The End

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