Chapter 1: The General (part 2)Mature

Garviel leapt from building to building, making his way towards the centre of the Sky district. His target was General Tiberius of the imperial army. Although he was a great military leader he had been siphoning off military funds for himself,insignificant enough that no one else would notice. Except us thought Garviel. he was also secretly plotting a way to have himself on the Empress' throne.  He would be here tonight in a parade to celebrate the army's victory over the barbarians of the eastern desert. Garviel crouched near the edge of the building he was on to view the street below him. He still needed a way to get close to the general. "Freeze ruffian" came a deep voice. Garviel turned around to see a member of the  city guard with a machine rifle pointed at him . How did i not hear him approach? he thought with growing anxiety. The guard was clothed in a dark green uniform with drab blue armour plates on his chest and rounded plates of the same colour on his arms. Garviel stood and visualised himself in front of the man, before the man could even react in shock to to what Garviel had just done he grabbed him by the shoulder and brought his left hand up to his neck. A small brass clockwork device on his forearm injected a plant based sedative into the man's neck. The guard collapsed in Garviels grip and he lay him gently onto the roof. the vial on the device began to refill from a small container of the sedative located further up his arm. He was an innocent, only doing his job and the Fraternity's code was very clear, do not kill innocents unless left with no  alternative other than death .

Garviel returned his attention to the street below where his was surprised to see what he had not seen earlier, and slowly a plan began to form in his mind. Below him was an Imperial Stormwalker. The steel leviathans were among the  pinnacles of imperial engineering. The machine was shaped like a large steel cylinder with a semi-spherical top, on top of which a heavy machine rifle was mounted and a single cannon extruding from its belly. it also extended at the rear to house the firing mechanism and radio antenna.The imperial flag billowed in the gentle breeze from here as well. The machine walked on massive piston powered legs that extended upwards to its rear and came back down at an angle to its massive three toed feet. From the angle its body was at while it was stationary it should have fallen over if it were not for what looked like a pair of oversized mudguards that extended from the machines 'hip' joints which would retract when it needed to move.This one was no doubt here in waiting for when it would enter the parade where this street connected with the districts main street.  Garviel leapt of the building an landed on the machines roof with only the faintest of sounds. he gently rapped his fist on the hatch on top. The hatch opened and a blonde haired woman wearing a pair of engineering goggles stuck her head out. Before she could make another move he  cupped a hand over her mouth and just he had with the guard sedated her. he lay her gently inside the gunner chamber and climbed in himself. It was a tight fit but he just managed to squeeze both of them in. He then closed the hatch. he  had about an hour until the procession began. He needed to plan how to kill Tiberius.

The End

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