Chapter 1: The General (part 1)Mature

Garviel has become the newest member in a secret fraternity of assassins who hunt out corruption with in the empire with the aid of supernatural powers and clock work devices, however the fraternity's actions have not gone unnoticed by the empire( open to suggestions for a better title as well as a name for the city)

Garviel was perched, perfectly balanced, in the shadows on the head of a stone gargoyle. Concealed from anyone who might have seen him. His enhanced senses felt the ever so faint vibrations as a locomotive,in the distance, came thundering along the elevated train-way below him. Within seconds it was streaming across the rails below him. Garviel expertly leapt from his hiding place,as he had trained to do, and landed deftly on one of the trains ore hoppers the train was pulling. He pulled out his newly gifted mask from inside his heavy jacket. It was made from wraithbone which would augment his newly found supernatural powers he had recently discovered he possessed.  It was a whitish grey in colour with greened copper strips on the cheeks and wire on the mouth. also had emerald green lenses which had a magnification feature. He placed it over his face and felt a surge of energy rush through him that nearly knocked him off the hopper. They told him that would happen the first time he put it on.

The locomotive was now ascending into part of the city's Sky district. In layman terms the Sky district resembled a town built on top of the inner city.The train was likely ascending into one of the processing yards on the edge of the district. The area consisted of several platforms attached to the sides of higher buildings with several brass and iron cylindrical containers and pipes mounted on their sides. Garviel capered off the hopper, grabbed onto and hauled himself up onto one of the brass cylinders, which he guessed must contain fuel or some other vital fluid for the locomotives, before he entered the flood lit area of the loading yard. Here he was in the shadows and concealed from both the yard workers and city guard alike, for not even the Empress herself knew of the fraternity's existence. He closed his  eyes and felt magical energy soak into them, when he opened them again everything appeared in a dull grey, except for people who appeared a faint golden colour. He could now plan his next move.He scanned the area until he was satisfied he had found a way to leave undetected. he leapt nimbly down off the cylinder, slowly he stuck to the shadows only straying into light when no one would see him. He eventually made his way out  of the yard undetected and into the street outside.

The streets of the sky district where beautifully paved with cobblestone and lined with oak trees and illuminated under the lambent glow of nambtha lamps. Only the wealthiest of the middle class and the elite of the capital could afford houses in the Sky district meaning it was largely dominated by hotels,restaurants,libraries,shops,banks and offices.The were few people on this street, he noticed only two city guard officers patrolling around and a young couple strolling towards the district centre. The same direction as me Garviel thought. Even with so few people about he did not want to risk anything, not on his first official mission. the looked up at a large marble building and visualised himself on top of it. In the blink of an eye he was standing on its greened copper roof. His target lay in the district centre. He sprinted and jumped across to the adjacent building and set off towards his target

The End

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