I go to shut the door but I freeze when I see a short figure coming towards me out of the darkness. I know its not Tobias or Jonah, its too small.

“You must be Leo.” An adolescent voice says, cracking at points and the figure comes into the light from my house.

“Who are you?” I demand, putting on a furious face.

“I’m Dallas. Jonah’s new accomplice.” His spotty face smiles.

“Do you even know what accomplice means?” I ask, doubting this boy.

“Yes.” I could see he was lying but I ignored that.

“How old are you?” I question, he couldn’t be more than sixteen.

“Fifteen... I’m short for my age.” He says quietly as I look him up and down.

“Why did Jonah... ah, speak of the devil.” I say as another figure walks up to my door. This time I know its Jonah, only a man with (what he thinks is) the most importance can walk like he does. He struts up to my door, shoulders back.

“Leo. I see you’ve met Dallas. He's going to help us with... whatshername. The girl from earlier today?”  He snaps his fingers trying to remember her name.

“Ellie. And don’t you mean yesterday?” I look at my watch which shows me its past one in the morning.

“Meh.” Jonah shrugs and Dallas shrinks away slightly as Jonahs arm nearly brushes him.

“So... Why do we need a kid?” I ask, still eyeing Dallas.

“I’m not a kid!” He bursts out. “I’m fifteen.” His voice gets softer.

“Hey, Boss. What’s going on?” Tobias arrives smelling of alcohol, but not the kind you can drink.

“Please explain to Leo why we need Dallas.” Jonah doesn’t look at Tobias but keeps his eyes on me.

“We need him as we checked out that Ellie’s house and turns out, we can’t get in the front door! We tried picking the lock, you know, like we do everytime, but she must have a load of locks on the other side of the door, so we need Dallas here to climb in the window.” Tobias explains to me, using arm movements to show the door and him picking the lock.

“I still don’t see why you need the... Dallas.” I stop myself from saying “kid” again.

“Do they have to spell it out?” Dallas spits at me, trying to impress Jonah and Tobias.

“Look. Don’t talk to Leo that way. He's earned us nice stuff.” Tobias puts his hand on Dallas’ shoulder as a warning.

Dallas just looks away, embarrassed but thinking of a comeback.

"He can fit in the window." Jonah interrupted.

“I bet I could fit in the window. Why couldn’t I?” I question. I could fit into any window, Jonah had seen it.

“Its a very small window. The only one that will open so, no you couldn’t fit, Leo.” Tobias takes his hand away from Dallas.

I cross my arms, slightly insulted.

"Did you go to her house when I was with her?" I ask them innocently.

"Calm down, Butterscotch. We did. And we know how much you hate it when we try to rob someone when you aren't notifid,  but we aren't sorry. We are going again once your out with her." Jonah calls me by my nickname he gave me when he thinks I'm angry.

Truth is: I'm furious.

"That wasn't the deal!" I try to keep my voice down.

"Butterscotch!" He cooes. "Anyway, I don't want to discuss this with him here." Jonah tilts his head towards Dallas and Dallas hangs his head as he is laughing at me.

"Fine. We shall discuss this later." I put emphasis on the "we" and staring angrily at Jonah.

Dallas, Jonah and Tobias set off to the jet-black van at the end of my drive.

Daemyn had fallen asleep in my hand and was in his shell, hiding.  

The End

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