Jonah, Tobias and the girl.Mature

“Did you see her house?” Tobias asks me quietly in the crowded bar.

He and Jonah sat either side of me, curious for details.

“Yeah, it’s huge. This is definitely someone worth robbing.” I say, smiling.

Jonah laughs, rubbing his hands together greedily.

“But guys, can we do it before the fifth date this time please?” I plead my boss and his assistant.

“Leo, she needs to get to know you, otherwise she could suspect you.” Jonah reminds me. I sigh loudly.

“Now that's over, we can go.” Tobias says, glancing at Jonah, who nods in agreement.

We don’t say goodbye. We never do. There is no point. We aren’t friends, we are workmates.


I drive home slowly in my Ferrari, contemplating my job. Go out with a girl, so that someone (Jonah and Tobias) can rob her while she's out with me. How stupid can a job be?

I switch on the radio to distract myself. “I want Candy” comes on and I immediately turn it off again. I can’t stand music like that shit.


I arrive home feeling down and tired. It has been a long night.

I chuck my keys in the bowl on the kitchen table and walk through to the living room.

I smile as I see my favourite pet staring at me with hungry eyes.

“Hey, Daemyn!” I say to him, grabbing some lettuce from the mini-fridge I keep next to his glass tank.

He bobs his head in greeting.

I take him out slowly and his stumpy legs wave in the air.

“Here you go, boy.” I hand-feed him the lettuce. He seems to enjoy it and closes his eyes.

He makes a strange gurgling noise in a thank you as he chomped slowly (what would you expect? He is a turtle).


There's a knock at the door and I take Daemyn to the door with me.

I open it casually.

“Hello Leo.” She makes my name rhyme with the greeting.

“Shit.” I whisper and slam the door with my free hand that isn’t holding the surprised turtle.

“Leo, you open this door! Or I tell the police!” She yells through the door. I open it again and drag her inside my house, filled with numerous expensive things that aren’t actually mine.

“Clara? What do you want? How did you find out? Why did you come here?” Millions of questions run through my head.

“Oh, Leo.” She smiles evilly.

“Tell me.” I hold her shoulders with one hand and pin her against the wall.

“I think the police should know about what you did to me. And I think they will be interested in knowing about this too.” She indicates to me holding her.

“Ok. Fine. Answer my questions.” I let her go.

“By the way, I’m touched you remember my name.” She puts a sarcastic hand to her heart and chuckles.

“Answer the questions.” I demand.

“Fine, back off then. I want to get my stuff back. I have been digging up dirt on you. I came here because I want my stuff back, as I said. Where is my TV?” She counts the answers on her fingers.

“I don’t have it. My boss does.” This can’t be good.

“What do you mean? What “boss”?” When I had stolen her TV it was just me working.

“I burgled you in the night. I have a boss now. Well, he's not really my boss. But he makes me work for him so he can get stuff. One night I didn’t get a nice home to steal from so he took some of my stuff, including your TV.” I explain, wincing when I said “burgled” and “steal”.

“What do you mean he's not really your boss? He either is or isn’t.” She says.

“He is.” I lied, looking up at the lightshade where a not-so-hidden camera was watching me. That is as much as I’m allowed to reveal: I’m a robber and I work for someone else.

“So get it back from him!” She almost screams at me.

“I can’t, Clara! Just piss off.” I say, still holding Daemyn. She walks towards the door.

“I guess this will interest the police much.” She giggles like a little girl as she walks out.

1, 2, 3 I count in my head. On 3 the laughing stops as I knew it would. Jonah and Tobias have her. They will wipe her memory of that night.

I shake my head and scratch the worried Daemyn on the head.

The End

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