“Hey.” I say coolly.

“Hi.” She smiles at me, intrigued.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I ask her, gesturing to the bar.

“Sure. I’m Ellie Bellamy.” She says, holding out a hand for me to shake.

She seems as if she's quite a posh girl, daddy gives her everything she wants.

“Leo Donavan.” I say, shaking her hand firmly and she blushes as I smile.

“Coke please.” She asks the bartender, who raises his eyebrows at her, and I do the same.

“Coke? As in Coca-Cola?”

“Yes. I don’t drink alcohol.” She blushes scarlet again.

“Wow.” This would make my job a tiny bit harder, but Jonah had taught me well. I could do this.

“And for you?” The bartender set the wet glass of coke next to Ellie and asks me.

“Pint of lager.”

Ellie pushes her chocolaty hair behind her ears. It seems as if she never stops smiling.

“So, you got any friends?” She asks me. I feel this to be an odd question but I answer anyway.

“Sure. Tobias and Jonah are my main mates though.” I say, not completely truthfully. “You?”

She takes a sip of her coke then carefully wipes the drips off her lips.

“Mmm.... I only have Byron. He’s my only friend. And before you ask, he's not my boyfriend.” She giggles.

I hadn’t truly listened to her before then and I realise that her voice is like a shrill cat being strangled, I can’t even imagine her singing.

I shake it out of my ears and pretend I’m listening to her droning on about Byron and the countless friends she once had.

I would never asked her out if I hadn’t had to. But it is my job to.

The night finishes with me driving her home.

“Would you like to come in?” She asks through the open window of my Ferrari.

“No thanks.” I try to make it look like its hard for me to say no. “I need to feed my turtle.”

“You have a turtle?” Everyone had that response.

“Yes. Yes I do. His names Daemyn.” Her face looks even more surprised.

“Well, that's unusual.”

“Yes.” I say awkwardly.

“Ok... Bye. Oh, here’s my number!” She hands me an already-written phone number on a crinkled piece of paper, almost as if she had been carrying it around a long time.

She runs up to her mansion and looks back just before she shut the door and giggles to herself.

I know now that I had picked the perfect person for the job.

The End

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