Baby Hudson - Five months later..


"This is it, Kurt. Rachel's in labour. Get on the first flight out to meet your niece!" Finn's voice came from the phone on loudspeaker. Blaine and Kurt were hurriedly packing over-night bags. They had bought tickets. Their flight left in an hour, so they weren't checking bags. Carry-ons only. 

Nearly three hours later, they arrived in Lima, OH, and were greeted by a very nervy Burt. 

“Lets get straight to the hospital. She’s only dilated to a four-and-a-half centimetre at the minute, but I don’t want to miss anything. Unfortunately, since you two aren’t immediate relatives, you’ll have to wait in the waiting room, but we’ll let you meet her a.s.a.p.” Burt grinned nervously for the millionth time. It was two in the afternoon.

  “She needs to be a ten, right?” Kurt asked. He’d been reading up on pregnancy and birth for the whole flight over.

“Uhuh.” Burt confirmed, as they pulled into the hospital. He climbed out and raced off. Blaine and Kurt looked at each other, and then followed at a rate of knots. They were stopped outside a room Burt had just disappeared into. Inside, Finn could be heard singing Bruno Mars’s ‘Just the way you are’. Every other line was interrupted by a scream.

“Since you aren’t immediate family of Mrs. Hudson, we’ll ask you to wait in the room just around the corner.” A nurse said once they had given their names. Blaine and an agitated Kurt went around the corner and picked comfortable chairs, settling down for the wait.


It was nearly midnight when Burt shook  Blaine awake.

“She’s here!” He murmured. “Valentine Caroline Hudson. Go meet her, I’ll try to wake Kurt.” He grinned, knowing how hard his son was to wake up.

His heart suddenly pumping, Blaine walked briskly around the corner and entered the room. Rachel was lying in bed, looking exhausted.

“Can you take the baby?” Finn asked. “Burt’s getting Kurt and Mom’s on the phone to relatives, and I really have to go. I’ve been holding it for the last six hours.” Before Blaine could answer, the pink bundle was thrust into his arms.

Peeling back the blanket, he revealed a bright red face, with a tuft of Finn-brown hair.

“Valentine. Because I realized Finn still had feelings for me on valentine’s one year, when he was secretly dating Quinn. He told me I was a star, and even though he couldn’t be with me, he still supported me. That’s when I knew there was still a chance..” Rachel murmured, and then slumped down, closing her eyes.

Valentine Hudson gave a tiny squeak and snuggled closer into Blaine, her little starfish hand curling around his pinkie-finger. Blaine fell instantly in love.


When Kurt finally entered the room, he found Blaine standing, cradling a sleeping Valentine to his chest, his expression totally peaceful.

“I get what you mean, Kurt. Can we have one? Please?” He asked, his tone pleading.

“Of course we can! I was the one who wanted too first, remember!” Kurt smiled. “Can I hold..?”

“No. She’s mine. My niece.” Blaine said, so Kurt just came close, wrapping an arm about Blaine’s waist and, being careful not to crush the baby, kissed him.

“You really want to have a baby now? You aren’t kidding around or anything?” He asked when Blaine broke away.

“Yes. Positive.” Blaine nodded. “You think I’ll be a good dad?”

“I think you’ll be amazing.” Kurt grinned, kissing him again. Valentine punctuated the sentence with a little snore. “And this little one agrees!”

“Then that’s settled. The Hummel-Andersons are having a baby.” Blaine grinned, and finally passed Valentine to Kurt. ******************************************************

Finn came back from the toilet (and then grabbing a sandwich, and then grabbing a half-hour nap) to find his brothers-in-law sitting, side by side, Blaine’s arm around Kurt’s shoulders, looking at the little baby in Kurt’s lap. He beckoned Burt and Carole.

“Those two are going to be amazing parents one day…” Carole murmured. And she was right. 

The End

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