We're sorry...

The morning after the wedding, Blaine awoke at 10AM in Kurt's old room at the sound of his phone bee-beeping. He had one new message. Wait. From mom? It read:

Blaine, darling, we heard from Felicia that you were in Ohio for your brother-in-law's wedding. We would very much like you to stop by, and chat with us today. Bring your husband. 

Mother xoxo 

P.S We promise to be civil. 

Blaine frowned, and woke Kurt. They looked at the message in silence for a few minutes. Then Kurt said:

"We should go. We're in the area anyway, and we don't leave until tomorrow.. We aren't doing anything until one 'o'clock..." Blaine nodded, silent, and thumbed in a reply. 

Mother. Kurt and I will arrive in three quarters of an hour and stay until approx. half twelve. After then we have previous engagements. We will chat, but if the talk turns offensive, we will leave and not return. 

Your son, Blaine xo 

It infuriated him a little that his mother wouldn't even write Kurt's name in a text message.. Maybe she'd even forgotten it! But no, he would try to enter this 'chat' with an open mind. So half an hour later, he and Kurt left the house, promising to be back in time to see Finn and Rachel off on their honeymoon.

They arrived at the Anderson family mansion at precisely quarter to eleven, and, holding hands, walked nervously to the door. Blaine raised the golden knocker and let it fall once. Immediately, the door was answered by his mother.

“Blaine! My darling!” She pulled him into an awkward hug. Over her shoulder, Blaine could see Felicia’s head poking over the banisters. “And this must be Kurt!” Isolde hugged Kurt too, and Kurt hugged her back with the same enthusiasm he put into all hugs. “Come into the drawing room.” She said, leading the way.

The couple followed, depositing their coats on hooks by the door. Blaine’s father was already seated at a plush velvet sofa when the trio walked in. He stood, hugging Blaine and shaking Kurt’s hand stiffly.

“Blaine, Kurt.” He said in a practiced, polite tone. “Do sit.” He gestured to the sofa opposite the one he had been sitting on, sitting back down. Isolde sat down next to him, in the indent one could tell her bottom had been making until she heard a car coming up the drive. Uncertain, Blaine sat too, motioning for Kurt to do the same. Once he had, Blaine interlocked their fingers.

“So. How long is it that you two have been married now?” Isolde asked.

“Four months. Nearly five.” Blaine said curtly, gripping his husband’s hand tighter.

“Blaine, dear, we really are truly sorry we didn’t attend your wedding. We both see now that we should have just accepted you for who you are straight away.. You are our son, first and foremost, and always will be. No matter what people think of you and your decisions in life, they are exactly that. Your decisions. Your feelings. Is their any way your father and I can make it up to the pair of you?” There were tears in Isolde’s eyes. She had never been a good actress. They must be real. Instantly, Blaine’s own eyes moistened a little.

“Of course we forgive you, mother!” He said, and hugged his mom, all awkwardness gone.

“Oh my little boy.. When did you get to be more sensible than your mother?” Isolde asked, tears running down her cheeks. “You must let us do something for you. Anything.”

“Well…” Blaine looked back at Kurt, who had gotten up to hug his father-in-law, tears brimming in his eyes. “Kurt and I would like to… to have children one day. You could pay for us to adopt. Or use a surrogate, whatever we so choose.”

“Blaine, your mother and I would be honoured to help you have children. We only hope to be better grandparents than we have been parents..” His father frowned, real remorse in his eyes.

“Oh dad, come here..” Blaine cried, and the two hugged. Felicia entered the room, grinning.

“Yay!” She cried. “The family is back together again!” 


The End

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