Finnchel - Married at last.

That’s right. Three months later than planned, Finn and Rachel's wedding was finally here. Kurt and Blaine found a dog-sitter for Nelson, and packed their tuxedos, as well as a wedding present: A bag full of gorgeous (and not to mention designer) baby clothes. Rachel and Finn had found out that it was going to be a girl, so Kurt had got shopping, finding all the most adorable little dresses. 

Then, before they knew it, they were on the flight to Lima, Ohio, Kurt jumping with excitement for the whole nearly two-hour journey. He was so excited to see Burt, Carole, Finn and his soon to be sister-in-law Rachel. Blaine was also excited to see his in-laws. He got on amazingly with Burt and Carole. It was a shame that the same could not be said about Kurt and the Anderson family. Of course, his grandparents and sister adored Kurt, but they still had yet to hear from Marcus and Isolde. 

Blaine sat; frown on his face, staring into the distance, so out of it that he didn't even realize the plane had landed. 

"Hon? We're here!" Kurt really was jumping up and down now, clutching his man-bag, Blaine got up and followed happy-puppy Kurt out of the plane. At the arrivals gate, Burt, Carole, Finn and a glowing Rachel greeted them. She turned to the side, displaying her baby bump. Carole ran her hand over her soon-to-be daughter-in-law's belly. Clearly she and Burt had warmed to the idea of being Grandparents over time. 

"She's a kicker! " Rachel said with a massive smile. Kurt hardly took his hand off Rachel's belly for the entire car journey. It was true. The kicks came thick and fast. 

"Maybe she'll play sport like her daddy!" Blaine joked, laughing at the horrified looks on both Rachel's and Kurt's faces. "I'm joking, I meant that she'll be a dancer!" Rachel's expression cooled again but Kurt prodded his husband irritably. 

"Why can't we have a baby?" He asked with a scowl.

“Because I don’t have a womb… And last time I checked, neither did you.” He laughed, prodding at Kurt’s stomach. “Besides, you’ve got Nelson. Isn’t he enough?”

“No.” Kurt’s frown deepened.

“Look, Kurt, I just don’t think we’re ready to have a baby..” Blaine said gently, his hand on his husbands shoulder. He was well aware that everyone in the car, including Mercedes, whose flight had arrived a few minutes after their own, was listening.

“Oh hell to the no, Kurt. You are not having a baby. When will you shop if you have a sprog on your hip? No offence, Finn, Rachel.” Mercedes said loudly.

“None taken.” Rachel said, with a smile. Kurt just scowled and stared out of the window, hand still on Rachel’s belly.


The next day brought the wedding. It was odd for Kurt and Blaine, sitting in the front row instead of being the ones getting married. Finn and Rachel had their service in a church, with a performance from the new directions that Kurt and Blaine had not been able to participate in since they could not practice with the group. Kurt was crying by the time the couple said their vows, Blaine rubbing his shoulder, a wide, crinkle-eyed smile on his face.

The pair both threw copious amounts of confetti at the newly weds as they kissed on the steps. It was again, weird, for the pair, not being the newly-weds.

“I guess we’ll be moving over as the newly-married couple..” Blaine smiled as Finn and Rachel kissed again, posing for a photo.

  At the reception, Kurt and Blaine took their turn to hug and congratulate the happy couple.

“Its weird having you congratulate us instead of the other way ‘round…” Finn grinned.

“We were saying the same thing not half an hour ago!” Blaine grinned back.

“Here’s our present. Open it now.” Kurt said, handing over the massive baby-pink box, tied with a deep pink bow. Rachel opened it and burst into tears.

“Oh, Kurt, Blaine, thank you so, so much…” She wept, hugging them again. “This is just the pregnancy mood swings, but I really am happy, I assure you!” She said, pointing to her tears.

“It was our pleasure.” Blaine smiled at the same time as Kurt said: “Anytime, sis.” The foursome burst into peals of laughter. No one could say the Hudson-Hummel-Anderson family was not close knit. No one.


The End

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