Nelson Hummel-Anderson.

As the months went on, it became clearer and clearer that Kurt needed a companion to be at home with him during the day when Blaine was working. He was slowly doing more and more loopy things. Like taking a three-hour long bath (he had ended up like a wrinkled old man) braiding his hair into hundreds of tiny plaits, (he had looked adorable, but incredibly stupid) and more intense cake making to name only a few. 

Although Blaine did want children someday, he knew that day was not the present one, and that Kurt needed a companion now, not in nine months. So he went for the alternative. 

"Kurt.. How would you like a puppy?" Blaine asked casually one evening, after Kurt had spent the whole day drawing a massive picture of a rose that was taller than most men on a long strip of canvas. It was inked in beautifully, and looked totally perfect hanging in the red upstairs hallway, but it was beyond crazy for Kurt to have been drawing for six hours straight. 

"Like one? I'd love one! Can we get one? Please? Please? Pleeeease Blaine?" Kurt pleaded, his eyes suddenly puppy like. 

"How would you like one of those black, white and gray dappledy cocker spaniels?" Blaine continued, still super casual. 

"Ohmygosh, cocker spaniels are my favorite breed of dog ever!" Kurt squealed.

"How would you like to go buy one tomorrow? My friend's cocker spaniel gave birth to some seven weeks ago and there are three unclaimed ones.." Kurt threw his arms around Blaine, kissing him full on the lips. "MMMFFFT!" Blaine protested, running out of breath long before the over excited Kurt. 

So it was settled. 


So the next day, which conveniently happened to be a Saturday, Kurt and Blaine made the half an hour trip into New York, stopping outside a pretty house that just screamed dog. From the muddy paw-prints on the steps to the bone-shaped knocker, it had Kurt bouncing up and down even more than he had been on the way there. 

The door was answered by Jeff, one of Blaine and Kurt's old Dalton friends, and an ex-Warbler. 

"Blaine, Kurt! So good to see you! Gosh, its been too long! I haven't seen you guys since your wedding!" He cried, hugging the pair and ushering them in. Up came a gorgeous black and white cocker spaniel. "Here's the proud momma!" Jeff grinned. A pretty, dark haired woman stood in the doorway. "This is my girlfriend, Stacy.." He tailed off as he realized both Kurt and Blaine were staring at his girlfriend's feet.

There, standing by her feet and chewing her laces was the most adorable puppy in existence. His coat was almost entirely black, with flecks of grey and white. He was gorgeous. 

"This here is a little boy. Laces, we call him." Stacy laughed, scooping up the puppy. 

"Is he taken..?" Kurt murmured, eyes fixed on the puppy's own brown ones. 

"Nope. You want him?" She held out the puppy, and automatically, Kurt stepped forward and took him from her. 

"We'll buy him!" Blaine grinned, unable to tear his gaze away from the loving, fatherly expression on Kurt's face. "What'll he be called Kurt?" 

"Nelson..." Kurt murmured. "Nelson! Nel-Nel! Oh, you're a gorgeous boy, aren't you? Yes you are! Yes you are!" He crooned, stroking the puppy. 

"That's that settled!" Jeff smiled. Blaine paid him, and the two left. In the back of the car was already a great mound of dog stuff. Beds, Blankets, Collars, Leads, Pooper-scoopers, coats, food bowls, water bowls, food, treats and dozens and dozens of toys that Kurt had insisted a puppy would need. 

"Welcome to the family, Nelson Hummel-Anderson!" Blaine said softly. 

The End

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