Oh Memories...

A week later,Blaine walked in from work and found Kurt in the library room, flicking through photo-albums of them in their teenage days, tears in his eyes. Dumping his stuff, Blaine flopped down next to him, flinging a lazy arm around his hubby's shoulders and looking over his shoulders at the page he had stopped on. 

"Oh, hey, darling, how was work?" Kurt asked, looking into Blaine's eyes for a second before giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"Great. We sang an old Warbler favorite: 'Hey Soul Sister'!" He grinned. 

"You didn't? I have a picture of that very performance! I'll show you-" Blaine stopped Kurt before he could begin turning pages. 

"Don't. I want to look at this page." It was the first page of the book, and was almost entirely taken up by a large, beautiful black-and-white photograph of him and Kurt re-enacting the moment they first met on the stairs at Dalton. They even got the other boys in to be in the background. Then, they had turned them into an artistic blur, and made Kurt and Blaine stick out, the only two figures who were in full color. Next to it in red ink, in Kurt's perfect italic script was written: 

"Excuse me? Can I ask you a question? I'm new here." 

"Hi. I'm Blaine." Blaine and Kurt were shown in the picture shaking hands. 

"Kurt Hummel." The words were encircled in speech bubbles. Next to it was written in Blaine's rougher, messier script in the same red ink: You had me at 'I'm new here..' 

"Oh wow.." Blaine whispered. "The day we first met. God.. Seems like centuries ago! I can't believe it was under a decade ago!" 

"8 years ago." Kurt sighed. "You captivated me from the moment we met. 

The two stared into each others eyes for another instant. Then they began to kiss, heavier and heavier. Soon, both of their sweaters and shirts were on the floor. 

"To the bedroom, Mr. Hummel-Anderson?" Blaine murmured into Kurt's neck as he kissed it. 

"To the bedroom.." Kurt agreed, and hand in hand, the pair raced up the stairs, leaving the photo album open. Slowly, the pages turned, and came to rest on the page with the re-enaction of their first kiss. Both in Dalton uniforms, Blaine's hair gelled down, Kurt's hand on Blaine's face, beads and a tiny casket scattered across the table in front of them. 

Oh memories... 

Was written next to it. 

The End

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