Two halves of the whole.

For years after, Kurt and Blaine both swore that the hut on the island where they stayed was magical. Cooking things over the fire, growing accustomed to the darkness when it fell over a land with no lights to switch on, swimming in the clear blue sea.. It truly felt like they had gone back in time. Their phones lay, discarded, at the bottoms of their bags, for the whole trip. It was the most wonderful two weeks of their lives..


On the second day, Kurt awoke in the bed, finding his hot, sweaty, clothe-less form curled around Blaine's. He jumped violently, forgetting, for a moment, that they were on a remote island, and not back in their house in New York, his parents snoring just meters away. 

"G'morning.. Mr. Hummel-Anderson.." Blaine grinned, turning over to face Kurt. It looked like two things to Kurt: 1. That nickname was going to stick and 2. This island must be more magical than Kurt thought if it could make Blaine be in a happy mood when he woke up. Kurt looked at his watch. Mercifully, Caribbean time was was exactly the same as New York time. 11 AM. No wonder Blaine was in such a good mood. 

"What.. What was that, last night?" Kurt asked, his voice hushed, as though he were scared of nonexistent eavesdroppers. Blaine's smile widened. 

"It was one of the major advantages that comes with being the other half of the Hummel-Anderson family whole. You get amazing love.." Blaine whispered the last sentence, sending shivers down Kurt's spine. "I take it you had.. fun?" 

"Fun? Words cannot describe how amazing that was, Blaine. When can we.. again?" Kurt replied, blushing furiously. 

"Anytime you want, Mr. Hummel-Anderson. Your wish is my command." Blaine whispered again. "Now...?" 

"No, not now. I need a little bit of time to recover! I'm going to grab a shower at that freshwater waterfall the guide was telling us about. Want to come?" Kurt asked, sitting and admiring the view of Blaine's toned abs. 

"Do I?" Blaine murmured enthusiastically. Moments later, the pair were wrapped in towels, Kurt carrying shampoo and conditioner as they raced toward the waterfall. Once there, they splashed and swam and washed the other's hair, laughing and joking all the while. 

If the whole holiday is going to be like this, Kurt thought as he and a dripping Blaine slid on their sandals and trudged back toward the house, I never want it to end.. 


And so it was, all like that. Made up of hundreds of perfect moments mashed together to make a phenomenal holiday. Kurt cried as they left on the plane. 

"Promise me we'll go back some day." He murmured to Blaine, who was also looking sentimental. 

"I promise, Mr. Hummel-Anderson. You have my word. I swear on our marriage that we will go back to that fantastical island." Blaine replied, smiling. And Kurt knew they would. 

The End

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