Sun, Sand and a lil' Somethin'-Somethin'

When their boat finally docked at the tiny island, it was late at night. The sea, all around, was just as black as the sky above it, and totally calm and wave-free. Kurt and Blaine thanked the Skipper of the boat and tipped him generously before walking to find their tiny, three-room cabin. It was simple, but amazing at the same time. No electricity, no running water, no heating. But of course, heating was not needed. It was a warm, balmy night with not a breeze to ripple the air. Kurt and Blaine set down their bags, and then Blaine challenged: 

"Last one to the beach is a rotten egg!" He yelled and then sprinted off. 

"You are so childish, Blaine A-Hummel-Anderson!" Kurt corrected himself, running after his hubby all the same. By the time he had reached the beach, Blaine was already standing in the shallows of the sea in nothing but his boxers. His jeans, polo-shirt, socks and shoes lay in a crumpled heap on the sand. Nervously, Kurt stripped down too, until all that was left was his neon-pink boxers. He hung his clothes over a tree branch, as to not get them sandy. 

"Nice boxers, beautiful.." Blaine grinned, pulling Kurt into a close embrace. 

"I could say the same to you.." Kurt murmured, flushing as he eyed Blaine's fish-patterned boxers. 

"Well.. If you don't like them.." His grin widened and his hands went to the waistline of the fishy-shorts. 

"Blaine! N-" It was too late. The fishy shorts joined the rest of Blaine's clothes in a sandy heap, and Blaine waded out until he was waist deep in the water. Kurt took a good three minutes of thinking, nervously, his cheeks flushed, before he finally gave in and tossed the neon pink boxer shorts onto the pile of Blaine's clothes, wading out to meet Blaine. 

Blaine, whose expression had turned serious, grinned widely again as Kurt met him in the water. 

"Hello, Mr. Hummel-Anderson.." He murmured, and then he let his hands slide all over Kurt's exposed flesh, their lips meeting again and again as Kurt gave in and let his fingertips run over every crease and crevice of his perfect other-half's body. They clicked like puzzle-pieces, just as they always had. 

Kurt knew they would both remember this amazing night for the rest of their lives. 

The End

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