Hello, Honeymoon.

The next morning, Kurt and Blaine woke early and dressed quickly, stumbling down the stairs to make breakfast for their guests before they all left for the airport. Much to their surprise, Finn and a very shell-shocked-looking Rachel were already sitting at the dining table. Finn was talking to Rachel in a low voice, but she wasn't looking at him, instead at something she had in her lap. 

"Morning!" Kurt called cheerily, making up for Blaine's morning mood. "Something wrong?" He asked when neither Finn nor Rachel returned his cheery greeting.

"I.. I'm.. I.. Oh, you tell them, Finn.." Rachel stammered, still not looking up from her lap. 

"Rachel... Rachel's late for her.. for her.. you know, lady thing. She was five days late yesterday, so I went out and got her a test and.. Its positive." Finn said in a monotone. Rachel wordlessly held up the thing she had been holding in her lap. A pregnancy test. The words hit Kurt like punches. 

"OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygosh! I'm going to be an uncle!" He squealed, practically jumping up and down with excitement. 

"Shut up, Kurt!" Finn hissed, and Blaine helpfully clamped a hand over his mouth. Kurt sent him a look that asked: Morning migranes again? Blaine nodded slowly. Kurt tilted his head toward the cupboard that contained the tylenol. 

"Thanks.." Blaine murmured. 

"For what?" Finn asked, confused. 

"Uh, no, I was thanking Kurt." Blaine corrected him. 

"Um.. What? He didn't say.. Or do.. Anything.." Finn scratched his head, really confused now. Blaine cracked a grin, something that was as rare as a white rhino in such an early hour as this. 

"That's what happens when you know each other as well as Kurt and I do. We can communicate through looks, nods, head-tilts.. The list goes on." Blaine gave a low chuckle. Kurt finally lost his patience and licked Blaine's hand, making him quickly withdraw it. 

"Why do I have to shut up?!" Kurt wanted to know as soon as he could talk again. 

"Because Mom and Burt don't know yet... We promised we'd be safe until we were married.. Now it looks like the wedding is gonna have to be moved forward quite a bit.." Finn frowned. 

"Oh.." Blaine and Kurt said simultaneously. Finn smiled a little. 

"You're keeping it, then?" Kurt murmured. It was almost a rhetorical question, but Rachel answered anyway. 

"Yes..." She whispered. "We.. we're going to leave early. We need to talk about this somewhere.. More private. Well tell Burt and Carole before we leave, don't worry." 


Blaine sighed as he and Kurt settled into their first class seats on the airplane. ( A wedding present from Burt and Carole). Their destination: A remote Caribbean Island. And the couple were even more relieved to be getting away after the scandal that had gone on when Finn announced Rachel's pregnancy to Burt and Carole. Burt's yells had awoken the whole house and everyone had been running around like headless chickens, asking questions left right and center. At one point Blaine had been asked by a very confused Brittany:

"Is it true you're pregnant? Like, I know storks bring babies but I thought they only brought them when their was a dad and a mom. Is your stork a gay stork?" She had been stopped from asking more questions by Burt yelling for his shotgun, which was in the house in Lima. Brittany had screamed and dropped to the floor yelling: "I'm too pretty to die!" 

"God am I glad to be free from that mess... I don't envy Finn and Rachel when dad gets his hands on that shotgun.." Kurt gave a sigh of relief, slumping further into the plush chair. 

"Took the words right out of my mouth, as always, gorgeous." Blaine murmured with a grin. "I'll just say this: Hello Honeymoon, Goodbye drama." 

The End

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