Wedding Reception.

The wedding shifted quickly into the reception, with everyone piling into the Hummel-Anderson family home. Most poured out into the garden to enjoy the sun, undoing shirt buttons, loosening ties and taking off heels. People began to swarm around the newly-weds, who seemed to be attached by the palm of the hand, neither breaking the hold for anything. 

"Aw, Kurt!" Mercedes was the first to congratulate them. "The first New Directions wedding!" She smiled, and showed Kurt the tear tracks from where she'd cried along with him. 

"Have you lost weight, 'Cedes? You look slimmer!" Kurt asked. 

"Oh shut up Kurt, its just these amazing dresses you picked. They cling to all the right places and hide the wrong ones.. Actually, now that you mention it, I have lost four pounds on this revolutionary new diet I'm trying..." She grinned. 

"Er, Mercedes?" Blaine asked, ever the gentleman. So polite. "There is.. a line.. forming behind you.. Do you mind giving us the juicy details later?" 

"Sure, honey." Mercedes grinned, and danced off. Next were Burt and Carole, who just hugged the pair wordlessly and walked away, seemingly too overwhelmed to say more. After Finn and Rachel, Sam and Quinn, Puck and Lauren, Artie and Brittany, Tina and Mike, Santana and the Schuester family - Will, Emma and a troop of three little kids - Came an unexpected surprise. Felicia, along with..

"Granny! Gramps!" Blaine cried. 

"Is that you, my Blaine?" His elderly, blind grandmother, also called Felicia, croaked, walking forward, feeling about with her stick. Her hands collided, somehow, with Kurt's face instead of Blaine's. After a few minutes of pushing, pulling and rubbing Kurt's face with her hands she said: "This isn't Blaine... It must be Kurt! My new grandson-in-law! Lovely to meet you, dear! Blaine has told me all about you. Harold-" She gestured back to the tall man on Felicia's arm, with gray, Blaine-curly hair and hazel-eyes, "Tells me you are a very handsome boy. How I wish I could see my Blainey's husband's face.." She murmured. Her husband stepped forward and rubbed her arm. 

"There, there." Harold murmured. 

"Oh, I'm sure you don't! I'm ugly really!" Kurt said, making everyone in the vicinity titter. 

"Now, Blaine, Harold tells me he didn't see my daughter and that wretched husband of hers in the crowd. Where are they? Where's Isolde, Felicia? Why aren't they at their son's wedding? I went to her wedding when she married that awful man.." 

"Love, you shouldn't talk about Marcus that way.. I'm sure he had his reasons.." Harold said gently. Blaine and Felicia opened their mouths to explain, but Kurt beat them to it. 

"Yes, she should. They aren't here for a reason alright. The reason being that they are ignorant Neanderthals who can't come to terms with the fact that their son is in love with another man! They accused Blaine of pretending to be gay to spite them! Said that his getting married to another man would tarnish their reputations!" Kurt spat vehemently. 

"They didn't?" Even Harold gasped. "I know our darling daughter is obsessed with reputations but.. Not attending their son's wedding.. That is totally out of line. Come, Felicia, we're going to catch a flight to Westerville, Ohio, and give that daughter of ours what she has had coming to her for years." 

"Gramps.. Don't.. Please.." Blaine begged. 

"No, Blaine. I'm doing what's right in this situation. Expect a call from your mother tomorrow, apologizing profusely." He said and then he and his wife left as fast as their elderly legs would take them. Blaine gulped. 

"Don't worry about it, Blaine.." Felicia said, coming up to him and putting a reassuring arm about his shoulders. She tossed her long black ringlets. "I disobeyed them to come here, and I'm still alive, right?" 

"Mmm.." Blaine muttered, clearly distracted. But he didn't have much time to think, for a second later, Burt came rushing up, oblivious as to what had just gone down. 

"Its time for the first dance!" He yelled. Mr. Shue on the vocals, Kurt, Blaine and the others swayed away the rest of the night with their loved ones. 

Before long, it was bedtime. All the guests who lived near by had left, and everyone who didn't was in their beds. Kurt and Blaine finished packing their large suitcase each for their honeymoon, on which they would be leaving the next day. Then, they climbed into bed and curled around each other, totally content knowing that nothing could ever bring them apart again. 

The End

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